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Novelty MANATEA Tea Infuser

Updated on September 14, 2014

So what do you get that person that loves tea, and quirky Florida wildlife? The ManaTea of course! This slick little tea infuser is the perfect way to make the best cup of tea of you have ever tasted!! ... Plus it's incredibly funny. He's great for gifting & will neatly fit in a gift bag or stocking....or you can keep him all to your yourself. After all who could give away a face this cute?

This cute little sea cow will adorn your favorite coffee mug in high style & has a charming laid back vibe. He makes you almost want to retire! His job is simple: to relax & hang out until your cup is perfectly infused with just the right amount of tea. This little guy will make tea time a little more lighthearted & frankly no one could be depressed around him.

He measures 4 inches long x 2 inches wide & is food-safe silicone in a cool grey blue color. He comes neatly packed in a color gift box with the directions. Just in case you were worried no Manatees were injured in the making of this tea Infuser...Turns out Manatees aren't made of silicone! It's designed by Fred & friends one of the coolest companies out there with groovy gifts.

It is really a lot easier to clean out than my other difusers because of the wide opening, and it really doesn't let any tea particles pass thru the filter. The huge body holds a good amount of tea. It's really perfect for large-medium tea leaves.

I am so happy with my Manatea infuser!! I'm sure you will be too!

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