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How to get an Oklahoma Real Estate License

Updated on April 11, 2012

Licensed real estate agents enjoy the freedom, flexibility, financial success and fun that only a self-employed individual can achieve. As an agent, you are an independent contractor in control of your time and your life. Your earning depend on your creativity, marketing and how hard you are able to work. There are no limits to your income potential if you are willing to put in the time and effort to make success happen.

The first step to achieving that success in Oklahoma is to obtain your real estate license. Real estate sales in the state are generally aided by a professional real estate agent or broker, with a few exceptions. The Oklahoma Real Estate Licensing Code requires that any individual acting as a real estate licensee to have a real estate license. The process to obtain a license is relatively easy but requires investments of time, study and a little money to be successful.

In Oklahoma, the first step in a real estate career begins when you become a Provisional Sales Associate. According to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission, "in order to apply for a PSA license, a person must be of good moral character, 18 years of age or older, and submit evidence to the Commission of successful completion of Part I of ninety (90) clock hours of basic real estate instruction in a course that is approved by the Commission." There are 4 main steps along the way to a PSA license.


Background Check

Every individual who wants to become a licensed real estate agent must complete a background check. To do so you will submit Part A of the Real Estate Licensing Form, along with a fingerprint card and a fee of $41 to Oklahoma Real Estate Commission in Oklahoma City. The commission will forward the finger print card to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, who in turn sends the card to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The entire process can take time so you will want to complete this part of the licensing early.

Complete an Educational Course

The state requires that each potential licensee complete a 90 hour real estate course approved by the real estate commission. The courses can be administered in a class-room setting or online. You will cover a wide range of topics ranging from the nature of and rights associated with real estate, law and regulations governing the industry, brokers and agents roles in a sales transaction and contacts, to name a few. The course will also cover laws and regulations from other states so you will be familiar with practices in other areas of the country.

Many brokers have real estate licensing courses available or can recommended a school or online provider. You can also search for "Oklahoma real estate licensing courses" online. Schools vary in price but you can expect to pay $300 or more for the course.

Pre-Licensing Course Final Test

Before you are permitted to take the Oklahoma state licensing test, you must first pass the course test. The test consists questions drawn from the topics covered during the 90 hour course. You must score 80% or high on the course exam to be eligible for the state examination. Once you pass the course examination, the instructor will acknowledge your success on Part B of the real estate licensing form by signing it.

Have the form notarized and submit it along with proof of citizenship and an affidavit verifying lawful presence in the United States, which also must be notarized, and the $75 license fee, to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission for approval and permission to take the state examination.

The Oklahoma Provisional Sales Associate Examination

The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission will notify you by email or USPS of your approval to take the state examination. You will receive a candidate ID number and the exam number. The test is administered by PSI Exams and you can schedule a time either by registering online at or calling 1-800-733-9267. There's a $60 fee for the test and you will need to use either a Visa or Mastercard.

The Oklahoma State Real Estate exam is done on a computer, although you can opt to take it the old fashion way with paper and a pencil for an additional $20. The keyboard is modified so that only a few of the keys actually work and each has a specific function within the test. You are able to answer a question, skip a question and in either case, mark it for later review. At the end of the test, the computer system allows you to review all questions, the marked questions only or a specific question based on its number. Whenare finished you are asked multiple time is you wish to complete the exam which helps to prevent accidentally logging off before you are done. The system has a quick tutorial you can view before the test to acquaint yourself with the system. You are allow to bring a basic calculator into the testing room along with a pencil and sheet of paper which are provided for you. No other items are allowed in the testing room, including cell phones.

The Oklahoma Salesperson test consist of 130 questions, and you need to correctly answer 75% to pass. The first 60 questions are state specific and will address the law and rules affecting Oklahoma Real Estate practice, brokerage relationships, property management and landlord / tenant laws and disclosures and hazards. The remaining 70 questions deal with general items including ownership, land use and controls, valuation, financing , Laws of Agency and contracts, among other topics. You have three hours to complete the test.

At the end of the test, the system will inform you if you've passed or failed the examination. If you pass, the proctor will provided you with a certificate to that effect and the results are automatically forward to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. If you did not pass the system allows you to see the questions that you missed. You can schedule to retake the test at any of the available times but need to pay the $60 examination fee again.

Your Provisional Sale Associate License

The real estate commission will notify you by email or USPS that your license has been approved. The real estate commission will forward your license to the broker you will be working with. If you haven't affiliated with a broker you will need to do so before you can receive your license. You also have the option to proceed with an inactive license and should inform the commission of your choice.

Obtaining a Provisional Sales Associate license is the start of a rewarding career in real estate. There are no limits to your income potential if you are willing to put in the time and effort to make success happen!

For more information on obtaining an Oklahoma Provisional Associate's license visit the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission website

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