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Organic Pesticides And Your Garden

Updated on March 8, 2012
Organic pesticides help control bugs in your organic vegetable garden
Organic pesticides help control bugs in your organic vegetable garden

Organic Pesticides And Your Garden

That time of year is coming around again. The time to start planning and planting your organic garden. Many people are now beginning to see the benefits of gardening organically.Organic vegetable gardening for beginners is growing in popularity. Growing with organic soil and using compost to feed and fertilize the garden. But what about those pesky insects that seem to make their way to our garden leaves and plants? You do not have to reach for that can of commercial poisonous pesticides. There are organic pesticides available and even organic pesticides that you can make yourself. There is also other things you can do before ever having to consider the use of pesticides in your organic vegetable garden.


The best way to combat garden insects is to prevent them in the first place. When watering your garden, water during the morning hours. This will provide enough time for the sun to dry those tender leaves. Keep your garden free of weeds. Weeds harbor those pests which will make their way to your plants. Although it is tedious, weeding is a part of gardening. You go through your garden every day and pick any little weed seedlings that rear their ugly heads.

You could always enlist an army to help prevent insect infestation in your organic garden. Attract birds like robins and finches to your garden. Although robins will pick a berry or two, they prefer a meat diet of grubs, worms and bugs. Have a couple of bird houses with just enough bird seed to attract the birds. You only want enough bird seed to get them to your garden. If you give them too much, the birds will be too full to eat any insects.

Go through your garden and look over your plants one by one. Pick off any bugs that you see by hand. Remove any plants that have infestation or that look unhealthy. Just doing these few things will probably keep you from having a need for an organic pesticide in the first place.

Chrysanthemum are beautiful insect repellants
Chrysanthemum are beautiful insect repellants

Plants To Discourage Insects

Another great way to prevent garden pests is to grow plants that will naturally deter the pesky critters.  Plant radishes near your cucumber plants. Radishes deter the common cucumber beetle and will protect  your precious cukes. Planting Chrysanthemum
around the border of your garden because Chrysanthemum deter most garden insects as well as onion and aster plants.

Rue, tansy and garlic are great plants to have in the garden to deter the presence of Japanese beetles. Basil is great for repelling flies and mosquitos. Planting marigolds will most likely eliminate the presence of any aphids around your garden.

Organic Pesticides

There are organic pesticides on the market that offer a better solution to pest control than applying toxic chemicals to food you are going to consume. One of the best organic pesticides is insecticidal soap. The soap is made up of sodium or potassium salt and mixed with fatty acids. The acid inside the soap attacks the insects outer covering and destroys the insect by killing the living cells. However, use with care because insecticidal soap can burn some plants and stress others. Most labels will let you know which plants you should avoid using the soap on.

Neem is an organic pesticide that most people will often turn to when taking care of an infestation. Neem is comprised of two chemicals that come straight from the seed kernels of the Neem tree. Neem is more effective on inmature insects because it prevents them from reaching maturity. You will need to apply Neem often though because Neem will wash off in the rain.

Make Your Own Organic Pesticides

You can always take the time to make your own homemade organic pesticides. Some of the plants that can be grown to prevent insects can also be made into an effective organic pesticide.

Combine six cloves of finely chopped garlic, one finely chopped onion, one tablespoon of cayenne pepper and one tablespoon of regular liquid dish soap. Place all the ingredients into one quart of warm water and let it steep overnight.

Place a funnel into a one gallon milk jug and put a cloth or mesh over the funnel. Pour the water with the ingredients into the funnel and allow the cloth to strain out the ingredients. Pour some of the organic pesticide into a spray bottle and spray you plants as necessary. You can use this mix for indoor and outdoor plants.


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