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Excellent tips for organising your home!

Updated on December 26, 2016

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of organising your home? Does it sound like a big job? It will be much easier if you cut the task and use the principle; Divide and rule.

Once you realise that you have stuff you no longer need or want you've taken a giant step in the right direction. That fact alone will make that job easier. Follow these tips and you are well on your way to an organised home:

  • Decide first on what room to start on. Write it at the top of an A4 size paper. This will be your action sheet. Eg: Bedroom.
  • Designate an appropriate reward to give yourself on the dumping portion of the job. The reward concept serves as your motivation, so be sure to choose something that you'd really enjoy! Write this reward on your action sheet. Eg: Going for a nice dinner outside. Write this on your action sheet.
  • Set a specific dumping completion deadline for this one room. Write it on your action sheet. Eg: Dumping deadline 13th January.
  • Schedule 3 specific dumping dates (one hour for each). Hopefully, this will be enough to complete the dumping portion of the job. Write this on your action sheet. Then, paste this action sheet in a prominent place where you would look at it everyday, like your bathroom mirror. It will serve as a reminder for your goal, deadline and dumping reward.
  • When the first dumping date day arrives, keep that appointment, just as you would any other important appointment. Bring a bunch of large garbage bags. Play your favourite music on the background.
  • Set a timer for one hour- one that sounds off when the hour is up.
  • Pick up one item at a time, and start dumping. (If you come across items you want to give to charity designate a special bag for those items) whatever you are going to keep, just put to one side of the room.
  • Continue doing this until the timer goes off. If you prefer to continue, keep going. Otherwise, stop and follow the same procedures for your next two scheduled dates. Don't let the garbage bags sit there. Make sure they are thrown out now (or donated). or on garbage day, at the latest.
  • Once you've managed to dump everything you don't want in that room. It's time to celebrate. Take advantage of that reward you designated.


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