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Organize with Rolling Shelves

Updated on January 17, 2016

Wherever You Want Shelves - You can Have Them!

I cannot tell you how often we use these handy shelving units. In the kitchen for extra shelves for canned goods and small appliance storage to the garage storage for storing books, tools, out of season clothing, we use these marvelous shelf units in many different rooms and for many different purposes.

You can combine them to fill a wall with a solid one piece unit; or combine them to fit in a corner in an office or kitchen. Use them to hang your great pots and pans.

The combinations and uses are really limited to you imagination.

Customization Is Easy

One of the major problems with having metal shelving is that when you put them together, they are very difficult to change. This is not the case with chrome wire shelving. The shelves are relatively easy to move - up or down. So if one shelf is too short, you can loosen the shelf with a rubber hammer and you move the two piece catch for each leg with a minimum of trouble.

36" Chrome Shelving

This shelving unit is avail in multiple widths. For the most part, I like the 48 inch for the ewidth, but we also have a number of units that are 36 inches.

The shelf units are available in different heights as well. I use the 72 inch units for the majority of our shelves. We have also a number of units that are 36 inches tall. They fit well under windows or next to a desk for additional space. (I like a LOT of surface space for my working area!)

Seville Classics 5 Shelf, 18-Inch by 36-Inch by 72-Inch Shelving System with Wheels, NSF
Seville Classics 5 Shelf, 18-Inch by 36-Inch by 72-Inch Shelving System with Wheels, NSF
Heavy wire shelving with a chrome finish makes this shelving versatile and a a basic for any shelving needs.

Home OfficeShelving

Use shelving to create an area in your home that you can use as an office. It does not matter if you are working full time outside the house, when you come home, you need a place to do the work that you love to do.

This shelving, in various configurations, can give your the way to organize and keep all your business 'stuff' in one place.

Everything is available to you, all within reach and all neatly organized. Printer and paper all neatly together on separate shelves. We can now buy one ream of paper instead of having to buy a pallet at a time as was required in the past. Places like Costco and Sam's Club make paper buying cheap and easy. It is so much more economical to buy 5,000 sheets at a time rather than 500 sheets.

Shelf Liners

Alera ALESW59SL3618 Clear Plastic 36 in. x 18 in. Shelf Liners for Wire Shelving (4/Pack)
Alera ALESW59SL3618 Clear Plastic 36 in. x 18 in. Shelf Liners for Wire Shelving (4/Pack)
These shelf liners make placing anything on a wire shelf a no "brainer" - no problems with feet catching or books falling through the shelf. We even put one on the top shelf to keep dust from falling down through the other shelves for the racks we have in dusty places, like the garage.

Whitmor 6054-268 Supreme Bakers Rack, Chrome and Wood

This is a great rack for the kitchen. There is a shelf that is high enough to cool pies or loaves of fresh baked bread or pies for safe cooling. The wood shelf gives a nice working space for the odds and ends that always fills the kitchen.

More Information

Shelf Liners and Canvas Covers

One thing about the wire shelving is that things can fall through the shelving wires and things on shelves get dusty.

The shelf liners have been terrific to use. They keep small things from falling through and you can have books upright on the shelves with having the cover points slip through the openings. Notebooks stand up without any problems.

The covers below have really help with keeping eyes and little fingers out of where they are not supposed to be. No kidding, the canvas bag (that is basically what it is) keeps the nosey neighbors from knowing what you are storing in your garage or pantry that is none of their business.

Canvas Covers for the Chrome Shelving

These covers are a must if you live where dust is a problem. You can use these shelves as a hanging closet and the canvas around the rack helps keep the area neat and out of sight.

Whitmor Canvas COVER ONLY for Garment Rack
Whitmor Canvas COVER ONLY for Garment Rack
If you have a dusty environment or if you are storing thing and you want to keep prying eyes away from you food store (for example), this is a great cover! We had several of thes that we use in the garage to keep food stuffs and water bottles clean.

InterMETRO Natural Cotton Canvas Cover (Storage Unit Sold Separately)

This is a Great way to have an extra closent space that can be moved around and the cover keeps the dust out.

We have these covers for both our 36" and 48" tall racks and I love them. If you are looking for a simple solution for a storage problem, I would encourage you to consider chrome shelving and covers where you need them.

More Information

Who Needs Shelves Anyway?

Do You Use Shelving Units to Help You Stay Organized?

How Do You Want Your Closets or Pantries

Use every bit of space that you have to the best use of it you can. Take the shelving and make it your best friend to keep you organized. Do not worry about what so-and-so might think of the open chrome wire shelving units, these are used in the best hospital, hotels and even the White House. And if they are good enough for that group of places, this shelving is surely good enough for your kitchen, bedroom, master closet or garage.

Be brave - use something a little different and you will be rewarded with the best storage space you can imagine!

Organize It All Deluxe 3 Tier Storage Chrome Can Rack, 12.75 in. high x 15.875 in. wide x 18 inches deep
Organize It All Deluxe 3 Tier Storage Chrome Can Rack, 12.75 in. high x 15.875 in. wide x 18 inches deep
This is a great addition to the shelving (any shelving) if you use can goods! We love them for canned tomatoes, chillies or beans.

Wheels Make It Easy to Move

With the large casters, you can move these shelving units nearly anywhere, even with they are completely filled and heavily loaded with canned goods, clothes in vacuum bags or any of the thousands of things that you can heap on these shelves.

Give them a chance and you will love them! they hold up to six hundred pounds per shelf without bending or flexing. Move the rolling shelves from one room to another or have them with the narrow end into the wall and have multiple racks next to each other; then when you need something off of a rack, you simple roll it straight out and get it. Really, these are the best thing to keep boxes, canned goods, vacuum packs filled with clothes or blankets we have ever found.

One additional benefit of having the racks on wheels is that if you are moving, you can roll a fully loaded rack directly onto the moving truck and off when you arrive at your new home. Really cool!


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