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Organize Your Child's Room and Stop the Clutter

Updated on September 14, 2015

Children do not care how messy their rooms get. Parents obsess over messy rooms to the point where we end up cleaning them ourselves. If you want to teach your child to keep his or her room clean, you need to help them get organized. Grandma's old saying was "a place for everything and everything in its place." Keeping a space neat and clean is easier when there are places to put things to keep them organized.Children are naturally curious and energentic and so they tend to make messes and rush off to go on to something else. The way to keep their rooms clean without yelling and screaming is to teach them how to put things away and where to put them so they stay in one place.

Tame the Toy Monster - toy organizers

In many household's the biggest problem is where to keep all the toys. A cluttered room looks messy even when it's not. These toy organizers will keep toys within reach for play but off the floor where they can be stepped on and broken.

Storage bins come in all shapes and sizes, from large to small. Perfect for small toys, clothing items, arts and craft projects, holders for beach towels and small shovels and anything else you can think of. The bins can be filled up and stacked neatly in a corner of the room for toys or on a shelf to organize crafts and accessories. They can also be used to store things that don't get used that often.

Colored cardboard boxes with lids also make good toy organizers as well as rolling carts with plastic drawers. I have one with three drawers that hold my son's toys now. If you need to, try two or three places in different areas of the room. Like one inside the closet, and one or two in the child's room.

Sort the Laundry - dirty laundry got you down......

laundry gets piled up on bedroom floors until you can no longer see the floor, I should know, I have kids. Somehow the dirty laundry always gets mixed in with the clean and the whole pile ends up needing washed again. Well, here is a way to stop this vicious laundry cycle from happening! Laundry sorters or hampers. I put one in my bathroom and one in my bedroom. The kids change clothes in the bathroom after showers so that's where the dirty clothes end up the most.

Organize the Closet

Closets are made small by design but there are many ways to extend the space in a closet. Hanging racks, extra rods and over the door hooks give extra space to put things way and out of sight. Bins and soft-sided baskets can hold seasonal clothing, toys, accessories, throw blankets and more.Stacking closet rods, hanging shoe racks and shelves can make managing closets easier.

How Do You Keep Your Home Organized?

Do you use organizers or have a system for keeping things neat?

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    • Bluemoongoddess1 profile image

      Lisa Musser 5 years ago from Kansa, USA

      @jdwheeler: So true.....I can't wait until Aiden is old enough to take care of his own room.

    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 5 years ago

      The best part is when they become old enough to do it themselves! For a small allowance of course! Lol!