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Oriental Home Décor: Asian Screen, Coffee Table, Bedspreads

Updated on June 2, 2011

Today’s Oriental home décor ideas are vibrant, lively and eclectic. It is no longer a pure breed. Rather, it mixes East and Westin in perfect harmony. Increasingly more people are looking for Asian inspired interior decoration. Oriental décor refers to decoration items from China, Korea, Japan, Indian, Tibet and many other countries. There are many decorating ideas to choose for your home. Ranging from ornate porcelain, Ming dynasty vase, sumptuous dining table to emperor style armchair, the choice is simply endless. For today’s modern urban home, I would recommend Oriental screens, bedspreads, and coffee table. Most of them are relatively affordable than the museum style furniture.

Oriental Home Décor - Exotic, Unique, Zen

Photo by Mee Lin Woon
Photo by Mee Lin Woon

Oriental Screen

Oriental screen is perhaps kind of well known. Many people love it as an accent to their home. Originally, screens and panels are used for privacy purposes. Today, it is used more for decoration. It is a great addition to your living room. Here are the different types of Asian screens that are ideal for your home.

  • Oriental panels
  • Oriental room divider
  • Full size Asian screen
  • Miniature Asian screen

Full size Asian screens add highlight to your interiors. It gives a feeling of peace and style to every perceptual sense. If you are looking for a cheap home decorating solution, Oriental screens are super. Some are plain while others have distinctly Asian motifs, e.g. yin yan, dragon, clouds, etc. Others have Asian calligraphy writing. Full size Oriental screen is a stand-alone. It really draws your eyes and will compliment many of today’s small homes. On the other side, mini Oriental screens are excellent buys too. Just use them as display items for shelf or ornaments for cabinet. Amazing!

Oriental Coffee Table

Oriental coffee table can be a great home decoration idea. Did you know that you can easily dress up your décor with Asian coffee table? Typically, oriental coffee tables are low and portable. They have charming Asian designs or decorative symbols. It is a classic and refined look that charm many people. They evoke a bygone sense of grace and elegance. Sometimes, the legs have fancy ornamental designs. That adds even more mystique. A nice Oriental coffee table can significantly enhance your living space, bringing your furniture alive. It gives a serene aura to the inner sanctum of your home-your living room. How nice!

Asian Décor Ideas - Chinese Display Fan

Photo by
Photo by

Oriental Bedspreads

You may not know that Oriental bed sheet is a great décor idea. Did you know that bedspreads play an important role in your bedroom? Imagine after a long day of work, you come home and the first thing you go into is your bedroom. A delicate Oriental bedspread enhances your feeling of relaxation. Isn’t it what you want after work? Oriental bedding can have different styles, fabric and texture. Some are thin, silky with a kimono feel. Others are made of stronger fabric with a distinct Asian touch. Colors can range from gold, bright, matte, with intricate Oriental designs.

Oriental Wall Décor - Asian calligraphy

Photo by Connie Ho
Photo by Connie Ho

Why Oriental Décor?

  1. Variety- If you are looking for new home interior ideas, Oriental décor and Asian furnishings are the great choices. There are many styles, choices and budget to suit every taste.

  2. Exotic Designs - Oriental décor is exotic. It adds a touch of mysticism, styles and elegance to your surroundings. Asian inspired decorations are ideal for homes and office.

  3. Materials - Oriental décor and Asian home furnishings have unique materials or textile. They can be made of bamboo, wicker, or a combination of special materials or fabric that give a stunning look to the eye. Totally extraordinary looking I mean.

Buying Tips

Price - Generally speaking, Oriental home decorations that are light and small tend to be cheaper than heavy or big items. Look for Asian ornaments made of bamboo, rattan, wood, or vinyl. Accessories in stone can be expensive.


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    • almasi profile image

      almasi 7 years ago

      A wonderful hub. Thanks

    • Connie Ho profile image

      Connie Ho 7 years ago from Quebec, Canada

      Hi minimalist design is a growing trend among many families because they can suit any surroundings. And they are affordable too!

    • BanjDog profile image

      BanjDog 7 years ago from Travel Around

      I love Zen. I am fond of minimalist designs for homes. Nice post!