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Parking Lot Striping Made Easy: Make Money / Save Money!

Updated on May 24, 2012

Line Striping Is Easy When You Know How

A parking area is the first impression made, so it is crucial to have a neat, professional look. Learning how easy parking lot striping is will help you in making that fantastic first impression. Now, if you are a sealcoating business, this is an excellent service to provide. With this capability you will be able to bid on a host of commercial jobs; strip malls, apartment buildings, schools (including athletic fields!), and more. If you're a property manager, or owner, once you see how simple line striping is, you can save money doing it yourself! Easy and money-smart, what could be better?

Gas Blower Will Make Cleaning A Snap!
Gas Blower Will Make Cleaning A Snap!

Before You Start

The Surface Must Be Prepared

The most important thing to know is that the parking lot striping can be erased! Sealcoating will black out any and all paint. So, before you start, it's important to get the sealing done first. This is also the best time to tackle any and all crack repair. This is why line striping is such a great service to add on to a sealcoating equipment business, since painting needs to be redone after. Remember, applying coating spray to your asphalt is recommended every two years, to protect the life of your blacktop.

For both jobs, the surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned first. Skipping this step will result in peeling paint, as it won't be able to adhere to the pavement. Consider using a blower to ensure a dirt free area. It's not just about dirt, oil stains will also compromise a successful job, and need to be removed. Not only that, but these types of spills will eat away at the asphalt and cause it to crumble. Use a high quality degreaser cleaner for those areas.

Remember: Use those traffic cones to direct traffic away from your work area.

What You Need For Line Striping

Parking Line Striping Machine

Stencil Sign Kit


Heavy tool box, with hook or handle

Chalk String Line (100 ft. in length)

Rope (260 ft. in length)

Rope reel

300 ft. tape measure

18 inch orange cones

Caution tape

Parking lot protractor

Sealcoat (for mistakes along the way)

An additional weight with a hook (suggestion: cinder block)

Line Striping Paint
Line Striping Paint

Measuring And Marking

If you're tracing over existing lines, then you are measuring just to calculate how much paint you'll need. 5 gallons of paint will get 1750 linear ft. of a four inch wide strip, which allows you to do 50 standard parking stalls. Basically, a gallon will paint 10 standard parking stalls.

Great Tips And A Paint Calculator
Great Tips And A Paint Calculator

Marking New Lines

The chalk line and measuring tape will be needed for marking new stalls, and that's the most important step in parking lot striping. Each stall should be 9 feet wide and 18 feet long, and your driving lane must be at least 24 feet wide.

Chalk Lines Will Guide You
Chalk Lines Will Guide You

Where To Start

Use the measuring tape to measure the lot. Now make sure to divide your lot by 9 feet for the stalls, 18 feet for the length of the stalls, while keeping in mind the lanes of 24 feet. Do some paper work calculations to figure out the best configuration.

Once you've made your decisions, use the chalk line and measuring tape to mark out your first parking lot striping line. Mark all your start and stop points out with a T as shown in the photo. This will make the line striping part as simple as tracing over your chalk lines!

Easily Fix Paint Mistakes
Easily Fix Paint Mistakes

Oops Happen!

Don't sweat it if you put paint where you shouldn't have. That's what the sealcoat is for! Use it with 4 inch roller to cover up where you made your mistake. Allow it to dry before attempting to repaint the area.

Watch Parking Lot Striping - And See How Easy It Is

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    • JudsonBurdon LM profile imageAUTHOR

      JudsonBurdon LM 

      6 years ago

      @senditondown: Thank you for the compliment!

    • senditondown profile image


      6 years ago from US

      Very nice job and very helpful info. I have seen some parking lot striping jobs that could have used your help. Well done.


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