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Outdoor Party Patio Ice Cooler

Updated on November 8, 2011

Adding a patio cooler to your outdoor décor will provide you with an almost perfect summer environment. They're an innovative modern gadget and give even more motivation to extend your home out into your backyard.

You will make an impact on guests to your home, as well as provide all family and visitors with a great way to cool down during the summer heat. An outdoor cooler will afford you a high level of convenience, as well as deliver a wow factor to your patio décor in general.

Some of the models are so beautifully crafted they're almost a separate piece of patio furniture in themselves. They're a great accompaniment for those that have a serious eye on outdoor patio design and will good alongside a fire pit or similar modern outdoor furniture pieces.

There are several different designs, some with castor's for easy handling, others smaller and more compact. Some are better for travelling and others are produced simply to blend in with a great summer or beach style party.

Treat yourself to a great patio cooler - be the envy of your friends with one of these highly functional and well constructed, functional patio decor pieces!

The best selling patio cooler currently on the market is the Suncast Patio Cooler Station.

It´s not only a stylish piece of outdoor furniture that will enhance your patio décor, it's also multi-functional - it's a cooler and allows for a little drinks prep by way of a small shelf and space for paper towel storage.

Arguably the Suncast is also a great price - who could deny that the price tag is anything other than reasonable?!

Next in the best selling patio coolers is the Koolatron P95 Travel cooler - a nifty piece of kit that not only copes with up to three days worth of food and/or drink on the road, it can also be used on the patio providing you purchase the household outlet adapter alongside.

Highly recommended by those that take camping trips, road trips or work on America's highways and byways - as well as capable of providing as a standard patio cooler.

Patio Ice Chest

A patio ice chest is just another name for a cooler.

There are various designs that could be classed as chest styles coolers and the best selling is the Igloo 75 Can Eucalyptus Wood.

Beautifully crafted from eucalyptus wood and manufactured by well known brand name Igloo, you can be assured of a high quality product / not to mention placing a great piece of outdoor furniture on your patio.

There are several other designs, all of which fall into the chest cooler style.

Suncast produce several, of which the best selling ones are featured to the right. Any one will make for a fantastic patio cooler so make sure you get yours sited and ready before the hot weather really kicks in!

Stainless Patio Cooler

A stainless patio cooler is a super stylish alternative to the plastic or wooden coolers available.

They're rather more expensive that their cheaper counterparts but they're wholly more durable and elegant looking, which is what makes them a highly desirable cooler style.

The first one featured top left is the cheapest patio cooler and will more than serve as both a great cooler and a stylish addition to your patio and backyard area.

Patio Ice Cooler

Party Cooler

A party cooler will generally be cheaper than a standard patuo cooler due to their size.

They're not intended for the biggest of gatherings but will cope well when a few friends come round for a cookout or you throw an impromtu party just because the weather's great!

The best sellers are the Coleman Plastic coolers, and either will look right at home in the middle of a party.

Without doubt the fun one is the inflatable palm cooler which will not only hold 24 cans - they come as a pair and will certainly raise a few smiles!

A patio cooler cart is good for those that want or need a more mobile cooler.

The come with either one set or two sets of wheels/castors for easier handling around your backyard and can be pretty much pushed and pulled around even when full to capacity.

The best sellers are the the ones featured on the right, all are manufactured out of stainless steel and the red colored is certainly the most eyecatching patio cooler on the market!


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