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Three Pewter mirrors that are worth the money

Updated on August 29, 2011

Three Pewter Mirrors that are worth the money

Pewter mirrors are awesome to have but Pewter mirrors are a dime a dozen. How does somebody know which ones are the best ones to get? There are many great Pewter mirrors on the market but there are three Pewter mirrors that people should look into getting. Keep on reading and find out which mirrors are the best ones to get.

One of the best pewter mirrors on the market today is the Head West Olive Branch. This particular pewter mirror is affordable and can be bought for around one-hundred dollars. The frame of the mirror has a hand carved look to it. The appearance of the mirror is very vintage like. This mirror can be found at many big name retail stores.

The Barcelona Pewter wall mirror is one of the most stylish Pewter mirrors. This mirror glass is very thick and durable. The back of the mirror is equipped with two sets hanging hardware. The Barcelona Pewter mirror is able to be hung vertically or horizontally. This particular mirror goes for around one-hundred fifty dollars in stores.

The Espresso and Pewter wall mirror is another great mirror to have. This is a very attractive Pewter mirror and a good size too. The glass is quite durable and the overall mirror is durable. This mirror can be purchased for around forty dollars.

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are many pewter mirrors on the market and the three mirrors listed above are considered by many people to be the best pewter mirrors on the market. These mirrors can easily be found online or at retail stores.


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