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Plumbing Heating Repair

Updated on February 25, 2013

Plumbing & Heating Do-It-Yourself

With a couple of wrenches and a little patience you can save yourself and your family a bunch of money by doing simple repairs and maintenance yourself.

If you decide you want to do a project the is outside just general repair make sure you consult the local codes for plumbing and construction, you might also think about hiring a professional as an advisory. A professional adviser can point out how things need to be done and also inspect your work before you call in the city inspector.

Their are many ways to do thing yourself if you use a little common sense along with elbow grease.

Where Do You Stand on DIY

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A Few Tools Are All You Need

get started doing heating and plumbing home maintenance

It may seem counter intuitive but doing some regular plumbing and heating repairs and maintenance around the house can make owning a home a more fulfilling experience. There are books, classes and videos to help you learn and master the needed techniques for DIY repairs and maintenance. It is inexpensive to get started and you only need a few tools in your tool box for those first steps. Heating and plumbing repairs need not be daunting and once you get started I'm sure you will agree.

With a little research or maybe a trip to your local plumbing website you can find a bushel of hints and tips on do-it-yourself maintenance like keeping your hot water heater or air conditioning system in tip top shape.

DIY Repairs Can Save You Tons of Cash

DIY Repairs Can Save You Tons of Cash
DIY Repairs Can Save You Tons of Cash

53 Piece Home Tool-Kit - get started with an inexpensive set of tools

Apollo Tools DT9773 53-Piece Household Tool Kit with Tool Box
Apollo Tools DT9773 53-Piece Household Tool Kit with Tool Box

* 53 rugged tools that meet or exceed critical ANSI standards and come in their own box

* Tools are constructed of 45C carbon steel or chrome vanadium steel, heat-treated and chrome-plated

* Tool handles are made of double-dipped plastics

* These tools come in a sturdy blow molded case with a lift-out carry tote

* Kit weighs 4.8 pounds shipped; limited lifetime warranty


10 DIY Repairs & Maintenance - fix it yourself and save some cash

  1. Garbage disposal installation or repair
  2. Maintenance of outdoor water nozzles
  3. Quieting noise from toilet bowls
  4. Unclogging drains in sinks,shower and tubs
  5. Changing filters in your hot water heating system
  6. Changing or cleaning drinking water filters
  7. Seasonal changing of furnace air filters
  8. Clean or replace air conditioning filters
  9. Cleaning heating and cooling home ducts
  10. Maintain filters and drains in pools, fountains and irrigation systems

Another lens you might find useful is my heating with wood lens. If you have a moment check it out

Plumbing Shack...

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