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Spa, Garden and Swimming Pool Lighting

Updated on November 21, 2013

Swimming pool lighting, fiber optic displays, subtle garden illuminations and spa lights all add to the experience of your backyard at night.

Now, any spa or pool can be turned into a feature with movie set impact. You can add drama. You can add romance. Or just create the perfect space for relaxation and recharging.

Pool lighting has been revolutionised by the arrival of the underwater LED (light emitting diode) light. SAM lights (colored halogen) are replacing the old white Amerlite lights and bringing new color possibilities for your pool.

With fiber optic pool lighting you can create a Hollywood-style extravaganza or just a great place for a party.

Fiber Optic swimming pool lighting: A pool dressed to kill by FiberStars
Fiber Optic swimming pool lighting: A pool dressed to kill by FiberStars

SAM Lights

Spectrum Amerlite Lights (SAM lights) are powerful halogen lights from Pentair that replace the old Amerlite white lights and offer lower power consumption with a full and adjustable color spectrum. A tiny motor in the light turns a wheel with colored lens to create the perfect mood. These can be combined with other SAMs, SALs and fiber optics to produce color shows controlled by Pentair's IntelliTouch systems

SAM lights

About $500 for a twin bulb, 150W, 4000 hour light with 100 feet of cable.

IntelliTouch System


For pool lighting spectacle, ColorLogic is hard to beat.

Relax, party or just watch in awe as the light show unfolds.

Starting at around $500 for a light, they will fit standard Hayward niches in concrete, gunite, vinyl lined or fiberglass pools. There are 5 fixed colors or 7 color-changing light shows controllable by a wireless remote.

It is worth remembering that LEDs are generally less powerful than SAM lights so you might need more LEDs than SAMs for your pool .

Color Logic

Savi Notes LEDs

Neat, small but powerful, Savi notes are niche-less LED lights for pools and spas that can be fitted in existing, standard wall fittings. Needing a water depth of only 4 inches, they are perfect for swim outs, beach entries or sun shelves. With a controller they can producer light displays in multiple colours.

Pool reto-fitted with Savi Notes

Savi Notes. Ideal for retro fitting pool lighting.
Savi Notes. Ideal for retro fitting pool lighting.
Rainwater Falls
Rainwater Falls

Fiberstars Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Some fantastic and pricey installations are available here but they also have info for DIY projects and full price lists to work out costs of any lighting plan. Great equipment to get creative with.

For as little as $153 you can have the light bar for the rainwater fall pictured right- though you need to supply the fall itself, of course.

If you are into pool lighting this is a great site to explore.

LED Spa Light
LED Spa Light

Make Your Existing Spa a Party Spa

Above ground Spa LED light. This plugs into your existing 12V light socket and gradually cycles through every color in the spectrum glowing in thousands of colors a minute.
$50.00 from Smarthome

Atlantic Water Gardens LED Lighting
Atlantic Water Gardens LED Lighting
Solar Slate Lights
Solar Slate Lights

Water Features

Outdoor pools and spas benefit from water features as part of the pool itself or in a surrounding garden.

The Pond Outlet have a range of lights perfect for water features, whether it be falls, fountains or ponds. The big advantage of the LEDs here is that they do not need to be submerged unlike the the LEDs already described. They can be used in shallow water or to light any aspect of a garden or deck.

Aquascape have fountains, falls, sculptures and pond designs.

Pool JellyFish
Pool JellyFish

Floating Flowers, Jellyfish and Fountains has a whole range of LED pool and spa toys and accessories. The jellyfish and the LED wine glasses really catch the eye but the show stopper is the Crystal Catch Water Fish. It swims, it glows, it doesn't bite you. Perfect.

Sylvania Shower Light
Sylvania Shower Light

Ecolight Water Powered Shower Light

The LED light is powered by water flowing through the shower so there are no electrics or battery to worry about. Ideal for showering next to the pool in the evening.

Indoors, as part of an ordinary shower, the light turns red when the water is too hot. That has to be cool.

$39.99 from site below


A range of swimming pool lighting at Megapoolandspa- the 50w and 100w halogen night lighters gives good underwater illumination and are easy to install.

There are also discolights and underwater light show packs. All-in-all they make Star Wars look short of special effects. screenshot screenshot

Disco lights from


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    • william.fischer29 profile image

      william.fischer29 6 years ago

      Wow! Great pictures here. Good hub!Thanks.

    • profile image

      Casey Ollson 8 years ago

      Wow lighting has come a long way from those little dome lights you used to see in pools. Nice hub.

    • profile image

      Kenny 8 years ago

      I really love the lighting in the first photo with the fiber optics. While the disco lighting in the last video looks pretty cool, I'm not sure how well it would work with people how have had a bit of alcohol or have other issues with balance and dizziness.

    • profile image

      pool lighting 8 years ago

      i'm planning to have these lights in our pool. thanks for the information and it gives me the idea of which applicable pool lighting that i will install.

    • Will Apse profile image

      Will Apse 8 years ago

      You are welcome Karen. I like the garden lighting too. It sort of joins everything up.

    • profile image

      Karen Reader 8 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I'm thinking of lighting my pool next to my spa and I needed some ideas.