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Buy Popsicle Molds Online

Updated on July 28, 2017

The other day I heard the ice cream truck with its catchy jingle go down my block. It is Open Popsicle Season once again and this year rather than spend a fortune buying your frozen treats make them at home with a reusable Popsicle maker. All it takes is a Popsicle mold, a juice of your choice and a freezer. Fill the mold with juice and freeze. Your frozen treat will soon await without the expense and hassle of traveling to the store.

The best part of making your own Popsicles and Ice Pops is that you know what is in your frozen treat. You have full control of what you make. No longer do you need to worry about allergies or reactions to food coloring and dyes, artificial sugars and other compounds that your child could do without. Whether using organic fruits or freshly squeezed juice, a homemade Popsicle is much fresher and healthier than what is commercially available. Do it yourself Popsicle molds are also more environmentally friendly as they are reusable and do not have the packaging commercial products carry. For your convenience, here is a selection of the top rated Amazon Popsicle molds.

Orka Ice Pop Molds

Create Popsicles that look like ice cream with the Orka Ice Pop mold. Made of Silicone, there is no danger of BPA found in some plastic molds. Open the mold, fill with your juice and seal. The stand serves as a sturdy base to prevent tipping while traveling or chilling in the freezer. When the Popsicles freeze, simply pop the silicone tab to easily remove the mold and eat the Popsicle right off the stick. A drip guard helps prevent messes. When finished you can throw the mold right into the dishwasher to reuse again.

Kids Healthy Frozen Treat

Each of the eight slots on the Kidco Frozen Treat Trays make a two ounce Popsicle perfect for any toddler or little kid. Simply fill with your favorite juice, twist seal the cap and freeze. When the pops are frozen take them out and twist the handle to free the treat. If they refuse to budge, soak bottom of tray in warm water and then twist and pull. Remove all eight at the same time and store the extra in a simple Ziploc Bag. Watch your child enjoy his frozen snack.

Tovolo Rocket Ice Pop Molds

Make up to six Popsicles at once with the Tovolo Rocket Ice Pop Molds. This set of BPA free and dishwasher friendly Popsicle molds offer a unique rocket design to launch your Popsicles into orbit. These are similiar designs you can find in commercial products but now can use to make your own. A shaped drip guard on the handle catches melting Popsicle, and the base holder prevents spilling while in the freezer. Each Popsicle can be removed one at a time and do not need to all be consumed at once. The see through mold enables you to tell which Popsicle has been used and which has not.

Tovolo Star Popsicle Molds

Enjoy star shaped Popsicles with the Tovolo Star Pop Molds. Create up to six Popsicles at a time by simply filling with juice, sealing and freezing. The star shaped base prevents spilling while sitting in the freezer, and the plastic sleeve mold is insulated to let the Popsicle sit out without melting immediately. The plastic is BPA free and the mold is dishwasher friendly. A drip guard helps catch melting Popsicle and saves your arm from a sticky mess. With multiple color bases to choose from, you will be a star with a Tovolo Star Pop Mold.

Tovolo Groovy Popsicle Molds

Feel the groove with the BPA free and dishwasher safe Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds. Making six detachable Ice Pops, a custom base supports each Popsicle to prevent freezer tip over. A drip guard shields hands from sticky messes while the grooves in the mold offer a unique twist, mimicking those of commercial Popsicle molds.

Tovolo Blue Star Dual Freeze Pop

Make your Popsicle even more exciting with the Tovolo Dual Freeze Pop. It is two Popsicle makers in one. Fill the sleeve mold with your favorite juice and then insert the secondary silicone mold before freezing. After the Popsicle has frozen, remove the Silicone mold and insert a secondary juice of your choice, then place the handle to seal it.  When the pop is frozen, remove it from the sleeve lock and now you have a dual flavored Popsicle.

Each of the three Popsicles are detachable and can be enjoyed one at a time. The handle serves as a drip guard and the base a fitted platform to avoid tip overs. All Tovolo Molds are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Popsicle Making Tips

  • You never want to fill a Popsicle Mold to the brim, as Popsicles expand when freezing.
  • If a Popsicle is stuck, run the mold under warm water for several seconds.
  • You can also try to squeeze the mold at the tip to loosen before pulling out.
  • Any juice can make an excellent Popsicle, even squeezed veggies.

Tovolo Ice Pops
Tovolo Ice Pops


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