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Prepared for Anything

Updated on June 6, 2019
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Denise has been studying and teaching art and painting for 40+ years. She has won numerous prestigious awards for her art and design.

Carving everything from ice to wood to pumpkins
Carving everything from ice to wood to pumpkins | Source

Not every woman has a Dremel tool in her closet but I think she should. I bought mine more than a decade ago for artistic purposes. I love to carve in wood and soft stone like soapstone and alabaster. The soft wood such as Basswood can be carved with a knife but it is so much more intricate when you use the small attachments for the Dremel tool. The Dremel tool has attachments that make that a breeze. But when I got it, I had no idea how many other things it would come in handy for.

My husband's dentures
My husband's dentures | Source

Trouble With Teeth

Most recently my husband had a little trouble with his dentures. He doesn't like to wear them everyday and because of that one of his teeth had shifted just enough to make the dentures hard to put on. We were headed to a dinner party and it looked like he would have to go without his teeth. He did not like the idea of that. I noticed the last time I was at the dentist that she pulled out a Dremel tool to adjust his dentures last time. So I got my tool out and ground down the smallest little bit where it was too snug and presto. It fit perfectly. I don't recommend not seeing your dentist for things like this, but it was an emergency. We went to the dinner part and all was well. On the way home my husband was singing my praises. He said "how many men have a wife with a Dremel tool in the closet?" Well, precious few, I guess. But there should be more.

We have used it for everything from carving the hole bigger to fit a new lock in the front door, to leveling a chair leg, to grinding a name ID on the bottom of personal property. It is a very handy tool to have.

Our little dog, Jipso
Our little dog, Jipso | Source

Toenail Trim

Sure, it is easier to go to the local dog groomer to have the dog's nail's trimmed and groomed, but if you haven't got it in the budget this month, try your Dremel Tool. I forgot we had the right grinder right there in the kit when I went searching for what to do with this little dog's nails. Then I remembered my Dremel Tool and looked to see. I have saved a small fortune by having her nails trimmed right here at home instead of paying the groomer to do it. It is a little work to keep her calm but she trusts me now and we get along fine.

I have even pulled out the nail enamel and painted her nails afterward from time to time, and she looks great.

Ice Carving
Ice Carving | Source


Ever thought about carving ice for a special event? It makes quite the statement and who doesn't love the "ohs" and "aws" that you receive from the extra effort. Carving soap is also a fun project for young and old alike. The little carved soaps look lovely in the guest bathroom. Both of these ideas can be done with a sharp knife but a Dremel tool makes the project take no time at all and gives greater detail in much less time. Something to try. As always, use the proper protective eyewear with a sharp project like ice.

Ever find yourself needing a tool you don't have?

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Thrift Store Finds
Thrift Store Finds | Source

Cheap Dollar Store Mugs

If you are like me, you do a lot of shopping at the Dollar Store. A one-dollar mug is certainly more reasonable than these $15 and $20 ones that aren't really any better. The truth is, once I got an expensive mug because it had a picture and quote that I liked and it wasn't until I got it home that I discovered a small sharp piece of embedded glass at the base. I probably should have taken it back but it was bad weather, a long way, and I didn't feel like it. Probably just laziness would explain it. Instead, I got out my Dremel Took and attached the stone grinder tip. With only a few seconds of careful grinding and some goggles to keep any flying shards from my eyes, I managed to grind down the sharp piece to nothing. Good as new. No one but myself would know it had been there. I wouldn't recommend grinding glazed glass without the proper eye protection but I think it solved the problem nicely.

My balcony zucchini
My balcony zucchini | Source

Balcony Garden

When we downsized from a large house to a small apartment, I didn't leave my love of gardening behind, just my access to a patch of land. Still, a lot can be accomplished on a balcony with planters.

In the Spring I decided I wanted a windowsill herb garden. I purchased a basil plant from my local grocery store and later a cilantro plant. It didn't take long before they showed visible signs of being overcrowded in their little starter pots. I needed a planter. Without having to spend a lot on large manufactured planters (that probably wouldn't fit on my windowsill anyway), I decided to recycle some 1-gallon plastic jugs by cutting the top or side. After this worked I wanted a zucchini or two so I purchased them. I made more gallon planters and then hung them from the balcony railing. My only cost was in purchasing the starter plants and some organic potting to put in the make-shift planters. My Dremel tool came in handy cutting the heavy plastic with its small saw blade attachment.

Final Thoughts

What do you think? Can you think of any more uses for around the home repairs or creative projects? There are probably thousands I haven't mentioned here. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.


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