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Your Poop Won't Stink!

Updated on September 10, 2014

Don't let a little natural digestive by-product ruin your whole life...

It's at the top of almost everyone's Most Embarrassing list: Using the bathroom and leaving it smelling like the entrails of rotting fish. Maybe it was the 5-alarm chili you had at lunch or the lactose-rich milkshake you knew you should have skipped, but the odor is overpowering and someone is knocking on the bathroom door and you are seriously considering climbing out the window. Should have used UnderCover.

Pretty Potty to the Rescue!

Because its made with pure essential oils, Pretty Potty creates a barrier when added to water. The oils float on top while anything added afterward sinks below. The light oil film prevents odors from rising, trapping them to be flushed away with your deposit. When you leave, the only thing that lingers is the fresh scent of lemongrass and citrus-y bergamot. The next guest is sure to say, "Mmmm. That's nice!"

Where to Get UnderCover

God's Country Botanicals carries only pure, natural, essential-oil based products like UnderCover Toilet Spray.

Who, What and When

Just think of all the times a little bottle of this miracle liquid could save the day:

  • Your first visit to your boyfriend's parent's house.
  • Your first visit to your girlfriend's apartment.
  • In the stall at work when your boss is in the next stall.
  • In a one-butt restaurant loo.
  • On a business trip when you have to share a room with a co-worker.
  • In any public restroom where the courtesy flush would be welcome.
  • And so many more places you could potentially make a stink.


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