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Should I Buy a Beachfront Property?

Updated on August 26, 2017
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Stella is a full-time professional landlord and property developer with fourteen years' experience. She is based in the UK

The Kids Will Love It!


Beside the Seaside

Most people will be familiar with the well-loved music hall song: 'Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside,' and this is certainly the aim of those who are tempted to buy a beachfront home whether it will be intended as permanent residence or a vacation home.

A Villa with a Vista!


Ownership of a beach house is one of the most highly prized property acquisitions you can obtain. Beach front homes wherever they are in the world are much sought after and thus command higher asking prices than their inland counterparts. The enjoyment gained from owning a beach house ensures it will be a great asset in more than just monetary terms.

However, you must still be careful in your choice of beach home. Any decision to buy should be made only after careful consideration has taken place regarding more than just proximity to the sea. Waking up to a breathtaking sea view every morning is all well and good but there are certain drawbacks to owning a beachfront property.

The very real threat of coastal erosion can pose no end of problems to nearby property so be sure that the land your beach front property is built upon is not being eroded rapidly. You don't want your eagerness for a sea view to cloud your judgement when purchasing a beachfront home. Many insurance companies will not cover properties against this type of damage so you must be aware of the facts. Some coastlines are more susceptible to erosion than others, depending on the geology of the area. For instance, a granite coastline will hardly ever succumb to erosion whereas clay based coastlines may be eroded at an astonishing rate.

Other factors to consider are the weather conditions. Everything may look idyllic on a bright summer's day but the same view in the depths of winter could leave you cursing yourself when stormy weather takes its toll. A beach house will require a dedicated program of exterior maintenance to protect it from harsh salty winds and the constant sand blasting effect it receives from sand and spray.

You may not want to live in your beach house on a permanent basis so you could consider letting it out to holidaymakers while you aren't there. You'll need to find a reliable key holder or management company if your beach house is a long way away and require expert local assistance to help maintain the building when empty. A great deal of painstaking research will need to be done before you decide to purchase.

You must also consider whether the beach home you wish to buy is accessible to both yourself and your guests. The most idyllic spot on the planet is no use if you can't get there so be sure to investigate the infrastructure of the area and confirm that all expected transport links exist. Take into account how far away all the usual amenities are. Living in a paradise location may be your ultimate goal but your enjoyment of the property could be utterly spoiled if it is too far off the beaten track.

Property sales representatives do exactly what they are supposed to do in selling the properties on their books but they will hardly point out the disadvantages to the location in question so you will need to work on your own initiative to avoid a serious mistake. How far is the nearest airport? A transfer of more than an hour or so may be unacceptable. Are there enough activities available in the area? Your beach view may be wonderful but you will soon get sick of it if you have nothing to do for an entire fortnight.

Everyone yearns for a place in the sun so remember to gauge when the high season is and how many weeks of the year you can realistically expect great weather.

Remember, you'll have to equip your beach home accordingly if you want to rent it out and get the most from it yourself. You must incorporate these costs into your overall budget for the property. Many beach homes can be bought ready furnished if they are resale properties but for new-build, it's possible to purchase a furniture and white goods package that incorporate all household equipment even down to the last knife and fork.

There are many property sites on the Internet that will help you find the beach front property you are looking for and at a price you can afford wherever you want to be in the world. Why not rent a beach house for your next vacation and give yourself some ideas before you commit to buying your own?

As Long as there's Sand, the Kids will be Happy!

Sand, sun and sea will keep the kids happy when you have a beach front  property
Sand, sun and sea will keep the kids happy when you have a beach front property | Source

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