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What are the problems with pvc windows

Updated on January 8, 2013

Pvc Windows and there problems

A lot of people won't buy pvc windows because of the problems with them or they just don't like the look of them. But if you ask these same people what are the problems. A lot of them would not have a clue what they are, and are just going by something they heard somewhere.

Now don't get me wrong there is problems with pvc windows. But it is the same for any window. No matter what material they are made from, but because there is a bigger number of pvc windows being made compared to other types. Than it can sometimes seems there is more problems with pvc windows.

So if you are choosing new windows don't go by what you might of heard down the shops. Make your own mind up and get windows that suits you and your house and made from a material that will last.

Below is some of the main problems that can affect windows


Pvc : Under extreme heat pvc windows can warp and twist. With the darker colours been more prone to warping. But in a lot of case's this happens because the window was not properly reinforced. Or it is just a poor quality pvc. Also another cause for this to happen is when there is not enough vent holes to allow hot air out of the section.

Aluminium : Windows made from this material will not warp as it is a metal and it would take some major extreme weather to make this material to warp.

Timber : Well most people know timber will twist and warp no matter what you do with it. But some types of timber are better at holding there shape. Plus a lot will depend on the way your window is fabricated.


Pvc : In extreme cold weather pvc can crack due to the heat difference from inside to the outside. But if your pvc window system is made with a 70mm front to back or bigger system it should sort this problem in most case's.

Aluminium : Again this is a metal and you won't have this problem with aluminium.

Timber : This can happen to timber because it expands and shrinks so much there is nothing you can do to stop it from happing over time.


Pvc : Most white pvc with drop a small bit in colour but not enough for you to notice. Unless you hold a new piece up against it, than you will see it. If your white pvc turns a yellow colour than this means it was a bad mix or a very cheap pvc and this should not happen. This is what your guarantee is for. The coloured and timber effect pvc will also get a bit lighter in colour. This happens over time from the suns rays hitting the frame.

Aluminium : This will also fade slightly over time from the suns rays. But just like the pvc it happens over a long time. So you don't really notice it unless you hold a new piece up against it.

Timber : This will discolour the most and unless you treat your windows every few years they will get worse very quickly.


One of the most important things about windows is the fitting. It does not matter how good your window is. If it is fitted badly it will always give trouble. So if possible get someone who know a bit about windows to check over everything before you pay all your money over.


All 3 can vary in price by a lot that is why you should always get at least 3 prices before you do anything.


You can get warranties on all 3 materials for up to thirty years plus some will give you a lifetime warranty. But in a lot of countries a lifetime warranty is only five years

so don't be fooled when you hear the word lifetime. But in most cases a five year warranty is enough because if something is going to go wrong it will go wrong in the first few years. Plus once a product goes over 5 years it is very hard to get a company to do anything about it and your consumer guarantee also only lasts 5 years. So if you do spot something going wrong with your windows make sure you act on it before the five years are up.


So what are the problems with pvc windows. Not a lot really once your window is made right and with a good pvc system you should have a good window for a very long time.

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