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Quilt Hangers for Walls

Updated on February 10, 2013

Wall Hanging Quilt Racks

Are you looking for wall quilt racks for walls? Look no further! I've made this page to detail the various kinds of wall quilt hangers, and help you find the right one for your needs.

Many people, quilters and non-quilters alike, enjoy displaying quilts in their homes. Quilts are a great way to add color an beauty to a room, and are a great match with traditional decorative styles and wood furniture, especially Shaker and Amish style furniture. There are many options for displaying your quilts, from quilt ladders to quilt racks, but this page will focus on methods to hang your quilts on your walls.

There are several different options for wall hanging quilt racks, each with it's own style an advantages and disadvantages. I'll also provide links to places online where you can get more info on these different mounting mechanisms, read reviews, or purchase one if you want.

quilt hanger wall
quilt hanger wall

"Invisible" Quilt Hangers for Walls

This kind of hanging quilt rack is ideal for someone who wants to hang a quilt like you would hang a painting: with no visible means of support. This is certainly an elegant solution, and will add grace and lightness to your wall quilt display. Your quilt will appear to be floating in mid air! There is a variety of sizes available to match just about any quilt, with varying prices of course. The smallest ones start at just $17.95. Check out the links below for more info on invisible quilt hangers for walls!

quilt hangers for walls
quilt hangers for walls

Wall Quilt Racks

A wall quilt rack is another kind of quilt hanger. These racks mount on your wall, and have a bar to hang the quilt from. They are usually made of wood, which should blend nicely with the look and feel of a quilt, and serve to beautify your home as it holds the quilt. Many of these wall quilt racks also include a shelf, thereby serving the double purpose of displaying your quilt and acting as storage or display space for other items as well. Check out some wall mounting quilt racks available online using the links below!

wall quilt hangers
wall quilt hangers

Wooden Quilt Clips

Wooden quilt clips are the last type of quilt hanger for walls that I'll feature on this page. These clips act like big clothespins, and hold up your quilt by the corners. These are another great traditional way to decorate your home with a quilt, and can add a great deal of character to your decor. These quilt clips are relatively inexpensive, and you can often find good ones for sale on the auction site eBay at a discount. Check out the links below for some great options!


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