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Tanned Brazilian Cowhide Rugs

Updated on March 24, 2014

Something About Nature: Decorating with Metallic & Brazilian Cowhide Rugs

Decorating your favorite space with metallic and Brazilian cowhides like these tanned rugs promise to meld your love of nature and show-stopping decor.

Rugs have an important function in your space: they warm the room instantly, bring the outdoors in and ground your decor palette - all while ushering in guests and betraying your room's theme.

Indeed, Brazilian rugs are the ideal 'host'.

I've always said, "There's something about nature that soothes the soul." And I've never been disappointed when incorporating nature's finest of elements ~ from sky blue, metallic dew, to earthen hues ~ in any of my spaces.

Scroll down to peruse some of my favorite picks in Brazilian cowhide rugs, although my decorating advice won't limit you to the floor, as there's more than one way to display a beautiful hide. So, let's get started!

Image credit: The brown and white, Brazilian cowhide rug shown here is available below.

Metallic Silver White Hues Brazilian Cowhide Medium/Large Rug (approx. 6.5'x7' feet)

Metallic Brazilian Cowhide Rug: Exottic Devore Gold/Brown Metallic on Chocolate (approx. 5'x7' feet)

Metallic Silver Beige/White Hues Brazilian Cowhide Medium/Large Rug (approx. 6.5'x7')

Metallic Acid Print Hair-on Leather Pure Brazillian Cowhide Skin Rug
Metallic Acid Print Hair-on Leather Pure Brazillian Cowhide Skin Rug
The subject of cowhides and decor always get me excited; there's just something big in their appeal. I'm not sure if it's the sheer size of a bull or the spirit of its presence: the wild west, the power and beauty of nature's design and ending with a thousand sunsets. It's all rolled into one piece like none other: a cowhide. Can you tell I have a penchant for decorating with cowhides? Deciding on your room's style is the first order of business--are you after a modern palette in a loft space? Classic country western in a lodge-like setting? Too, will your cowhide rug be part of your planned focal point? With all the considerations, I suggest making a list of your preferred color, style, along with the room's size and any existing furniture pieces to help narrow down your selection. Metallic Brazilian cowhide rugs like these betray an extra air of glimmer, of another magical sunset. Metallic cowhide rug will add nature's majesty to your space and you've a style that's truly unique, like the glimmer of dew on a brand new day. Doesn't that sound enchanting?
New Hilason Exotic Medium Hair-On Leather Pure Brazilian Cowhide Skin Rug
New Hilason Exotic Medium Hair-On Leather Pure Brazilian Cowhide Skin Rug

What's So Special About Brazilian Cowhides?

Brown Exotic Brindle Rug

When I first began looking at cowhides, I read up on what characteristics make up the best quality rugs. I found Brazilian cowhides have those characteristics that best suit my decorating style:

Brazilian cowhides tend to be thicker than their South American cousins like Argentinian hides. Too, they're more supple, so Brazilians make the better throw pillow, if that's where you're going with your hide. While all cowhides have artifacts scarring and marks (unique to a cow's life), Brazilian hides have a more consistent pattern with less patches.

And Brazilian cowhides tend to be larger, so you'll find they make for a better area rug.

This brindle rug has those exotic qualities I just mentioned and love; it's the quintessential Brazilian cowhide. Don't you agree?

Stencil Zebra Print Hair-On Leather Pure Brazilian Genuine Cowhide Skin Rug Medium/Large (approx. 6.5'x7')

Hilason Hair-On Leather Pure Brazilian Cowhide Skin Rug Carpet Exotic Light Medium,/Large 7'x6.5'

Cheaper Brazilian Brindle Tri-Color Dark Brown & White Edges Small/Medium (approx 5'x5') Cowhide Rug

Cheaper Brazilian Brindle Tri-Color Dark Brown & White Edges Small/Medium (approx 5'x5') Cowhide Rug

Cheaper Brazilian Black & White Classic Cow Print Large Size (approximately 5.5'x6.7') Cowhide Rug

rodeo Solid Brown Brazilian Cowhide Rug Large 6x6ft
rodeo Solid Brown Brazilian Cowhide Rug Large 6x6ft
For many people, cowhides mean there's a room in a log cabin somewhere that's missing a rug. But not to a decorator or artist! Indeed, it's us folks that can see these stunning cowhides gracing any space anywhere. Imagine these classic brown and black and white cowhide rugs in a modern, loft space in an uber-urban area, where floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the room in daylight and a glasstop kidney-shaped midcentury coffee table proudly takes its place atop an amazing rug like these. How's that for a visual? Conversely, that rustic lodge is in desperate need of a black and white spotted cowskin draped over its log stair rail, where a majestic antler chandelier waits to spotlight such a deserving showstopper. Indeed, a cowhide can make itself at home in any number of genres from modern, mid century Hollywood Regency, to rustic log cabin. There's literally no 'out-decorating' these amazing cowhide rugs!

What is Tanned Hide?

Simply, tanned leather has been processed to soften and preserve the cowhide. Tanning with the 'fur on' is a bit involved and time-consuming; hence, these fur-on tanned rugs are most sought-after.

Large 7'x7' Solid White/Cream Brazilian Cowhide Rug Suede Leather Back

Large 5'x7' White Brazilian Cowhide Rug with Real Suede Leather Back

Once upon a (scary) time, I suffered from 'whitephobia': a syndrome that limited me to deep hues of burgundy topped with gold.

End of story.

Fast forward to being more style-savvy and I'm lamenting how white can be your best friend for versatility, freeing you from the same two-color compulsion that limited me for so many years. White is two things: a blank canvas-style backdrop for your more energetic hues, or an amazing element for contrast against the more classical black and blues.

Either way, white is the virtual 'flavor-enhancer' of decor, the 'accent' among the many decors' language.

White cowhide rugs like these are like white diamonds; they'll definitely be the standout against a dark wood floor. I can see these lovely white cowhides in a Hollywood Regency space with bright yellows and striking gold and silver hues. Can't you?

Brazilian Small/Medium
Brazilian Small/Medium

Going for Modern with Classic Design

Tri-Color: Brown/Black & White Brazilian Cowhide Area Rug

As I alluded to earlier, cowskins can look fabulous whatever genre your space has.

A tri-color cowhide like this Brazilian will make an amazing statement with its peppering of black on white.

No matter if you're a 'color person' or lean on the conservative side with your decor, black and white will support your love for style--whatever it is.

Large 84"x100' Hilason Hair-On Leather Pure Brazilian Cowhide Skin Rug Carpet Black White Mix

85"x83" (7'x7' approx) Hilason Hair-On Leather Pure Brazilian Cowhide Skin Rug Carpet Black White Mix

Black White Mix Hilason Hair-On Leather Pure Brazilian Cowhide Skin Rug Carpet
Black White Mix Hilason Hair-On Leather Pure Brazilian Cowhide Skin Rug Carpet
I'll be the first to express my love for contrast when decorating; it's a necessary part of a space's success, as the eye needs a place to hone in on. Black and white cowhides like these make fabulous focal points with their polar-opposite hues. But you don't want to use any more nearby spots after the rug, or you'll have a hypnotizing effect that's quite dizzying and not at all tranquil. If you love the classic black and white cow print design, I would use it sparingly on an accent pillow or a place opposite the rug, so the eye doesn't do a 'boomerang', bouncing back and forth and back and forth (see how annoying that would be?) Also, too many similar pieces dilute your most valuable asset --your rug. Allow your cowhide to stand out in its own magnificence.
5x7 Brazilian Genuine Natural Cowhide Rug Cream Cowhide
5x7 Brazilian Genuine Natural Cowhide Rug Cream Cowhide

Using Contrast to WOW--or NOT

Medium/Large Cream Cowhide Rug

I was happy to see this cream rug against the darker floor; the contrast is ideal for showcasing the cowhide.

If there's something you want to show off, use contrast.

On the other hand, if there's something you want to hide use contrast. What I mean here, is if you've an ugly element in your room that's non-negotiable, like an old heat register or radiator, use a contrasting hue on or nearby the offender. For an unsightly white radiator, use a large red vase to 'highjack' the eye and monopolize the visual field. Your guests will remember the red vase versus the 'ugly white thing'.

Strategically using contrast to embellish or abolish an element is a fantastic strategy decorators use for a successful finish among a less-than-ideal space.

Of course, you'll want to use contrast to show off your cowhide rug!


Decor Strategy: Banishing What's Ugly in Your Space

Look at this image for five seconds (the time it takes for most people to view a room upon entering it) and quickly look away. What do you recall?

As I mentioned above, using contrast to banish the 'uglies' in your space works effectively. The high-contrast hues work against the white radiator (my creation, so it's a rendition) to keep the eye away from the offending piece.

Try it in your room and see how well using contrast strategy can work for you!

Large and Small Brazilian Cowhide Rugs - Offered by eBay

I always turn to ebay when I can't find that 'perfect' piece; it's literally the world's marketplace and I've never been disappointed.

Except for the one instance where I became overzealous in a last-minute bidding war, and paid too much for a piece of art. Needless to say (although I'm sayin' it, anyway), I couldn't enjoy it. Ever.

To keep your spending in check, just bid once. Determine your top dollar and bid near the auction's end. I favor the 'Buy it Now' function best but sometimes that can't be and you'll need to bid. Resist the urge to splurge ~ especially if it's last minute.

Here's several fabulous, small and large-size Brazilian cowhides with uber- reasonable (dare I say, "cheap"?) price tags. If you're going for large hides, be sure the price tag is on the small side.

I'm lovin' the metallic cowhides!

What's your style Brazilian cowhide rug?

See results

I hope you found your fave among these tanned cowhide beauties. Aren't the metallic cowhides from Brazil fab? Sometimes cowhide is used interchanged with cow skin, I learned if you don't find the cowhide rug of your dreams under just 'cowhide', plug in cow skin rug or animal hide rugs for sale. The beauty of cowhide combined with the functionality of rugs, home decor and accessories make these real hides a thing of beauty that will work in your home for many years. Best wishes for an amazing new space!


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