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Red bedroom accessories

Updated on August 22, 2013

Red bedroom accessories - add some romance to your life! Perfect to spice up Valentine's Day.

With the new trend in black and white bedroom décor, adding a pop of red with red bedroom accessories really makes quite a statement - and, that statement is that you're red hot inside and out. And, what speaks more to the heart and soul than a bedroom lit with soft red light from either floor lamps or candles. Add a bottle of champagne, a small box of chocolates and you've got yourself a baby-makin' night!

Red bedroom accessories are easily found in items like bedspreads, candles, etc but I've got some additional ideas on this Squidoo article that you might not have through about when accessorizing your bedroom. Things such as sexy red bedroom high heels and red negliges (well, I consider both bedroom accessories, even if they only look good while I'm lying down or draped on a red chaise lounge...)

So, come on, let's get started in the quest for the best red bedroom accessories out there!

Note: that picture above is of a towel basket decorated with the prettiest red flowers down here in Punta Cana where I'm sitting right now (Feb 12, 2013).

For the coolest red bedroom accessory lamp...

...Check out this modern decor floor lamp

I love that this lamp is not only a great looking red bedroom accessory but that it is functional too. Add a few sexy photos or some love poem books to the shelves. Reviewers on also note that this red floor lamp has a very beautiful glow when lit - the light is very diffused.

3-Shelf Black Floor Lamp with Rumba Red ShadeCHECK PRICE

Light up your night life with red floor lamp accessories

Red bedroom accessories

Red floor lamps are a great way to add a touch of red to an otherwise mundane bedroom. Here's a few very fun floor lamps:

Red floor lampCHECK PRICE

Roomstylers Portable Floor Lamp, RedCHECK PRICE

Kenroy Home Richardson Floor LampCHECK PRICE

A red bedroom accessory in the form of a picture frame

Just add a few photos of your sweetie and you and you're good to go with this red picture frame. I like the idea of adding picture frames as a touch of red to a master bedroom as you can always change the photos or move the frames around on a whim. Even hang a few on the wall if you prefer.

Umbra Pane Four-Opening Collage Picture Frame, Red
Umbra Pane Four-Opening Collage Picture Frame, Red

This 4 pane red picture frame is great for capturing a picture of romance in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall! Holds four 4x6" photos.


Soul meets soul on lover's lips.

~ Percy Bysshe Shelly

Create a romantic venue and be safe too with these battery operated candles

Candles are great red bedroom accessories!

John gave me a Luminara battery operated candle for Christmas last year; I believe it's one of my favorite gift ever. The realistic which moves to a very teeny tiny fan inside so this candle actually 'flickers' and is much more realistic than any other battery candles on the market. You will positively love this thing!

Cinnamon scented Luminary LED flameless candle 3.5 x 7CHECK PRICE

Luminara Pink 7" Battery Operated Wax LED CandleCHECK PRICE

A great red bedroom accessory is one of these fun coupon books

When I was younger, I always made coupon books up for my Mom and Dad for Mother's Day and Father's Day. I put stuff in there like '1 free car wash', 'I free hug anytime you want one,' etc. These coupon books are geared toward couples and are a fun way to give a great little give for Valentine's Day or, really, any day of the year.

A Romantic Coupon book CHECK PRICE

Coupons From The Heart CHECK PRICE

One of my favorite red bedroom accessories

This very sexy beautiful king size red duvet set

I love the colors in this duvet set - the red and gold just make it a stunning bed covering. And, it just screams romance to me. The high resolution design is printed with natural plant dyes and should last through many seasons and washings. This is a perfect gift for a wedding, Valentine's Day, or just to celebrate that special someone in your life.

This set includes a fitted bed sheet (fits a king mattress up to 16" deep), the duvet cover, 2 king pillow cases and 2 separate pillow shams

Dolce Mela DM437K Amour Toujours King Duvet Cover Set CHECK PRICE

Red comforters on

Red bedroom accessories

Some of these comforters are incredibly cheap (check out the last link on the right - the red zebra comforter) and they all got decent reviews on too. So, buy two of these red comforters so you can switch them out.

7Pcs Queen Catherine Flocking Black and Red Comforter Set CHECK PRICE

MODERN Black Burgundy Red Flock Satin Comforter SetCHECK PRICE

A red champagne bucket sets the tone for a romantic night

And red champagne glasses!

Even if you're not willing to jump in with both feet and buy a bunch of red bedroom accessories, this red champagne bucket is a great way to add a temporary spot of color to your bedroom. Fill it with any cocktail of your choice (red bull might be helpful here!), add in a few of the beautiful red champagne glasses I have below and you're off!

The red champagne bucket and a pair of the red waterford crystal (beware: very expensive) would make a great wedding present for some newlyweds.

Oggi Hammered Beaded 4.25-Quart Single Wall Champagne Bucket, RedCHECK PRICE

Waterford Crystal Lismore Crimson Flute PairCHECK PRICE

Red Heart Champagne Wedding Glass FlutesCHECK PRICE

Waterford Love and Romance Crystal Flute GlassesCHECK PRICE

"The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart."


I'd love to hear from any of the romantics (or not so) out there who stopped by to see my little Squidoo article. Please leave me a comment!

Are you romantic? - Got comments?

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    • profile image

      Francisco 2 years ago

      I'm glad it's been a great help, thank you!We did not do too much to the concrete beofre we applied the etcher stuff. We did sweep and do a quick mop over with just some water since it was quite dusty and dirty. Of course once the etcher goes down you will likely be using water to get it up which in a sense is cleaning the floor all over again anyway, haha.I do want to add that I'm not sure about Soycrete's etching/stripping process. As I recall it was quite different from the stuff I purchased at Home Depot in the photo as far as application and the directions. I'd double check with them, they are quite helpful if you call their customer support. I will suggest one thing is try to make sure you get all that white chalky stuff, adhesive, or anything else off the concrete as well as possible. Thankfully after ours was finished we agreed you don't notice the little spots here and there too much, and our floor is quite dark.Also I'd suggest checking out the new post I'm about to put up about putting on the sealant stuff. (If only we knew, lol )

    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      My grandmother loved red, and had one room in her house where everything in it had to be red. It was amazing.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I couldn't imagine using red in the bedroom then after seeing this I just might have to change my bedroom decor, this is amazing.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I have to admit that red would not be my choice of color for my bedroom, but I do like some of the red accessories that are featured here. In particular the 3 shelf black floor lamp.