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Residential Field Service Bankruptcy Inspections jobs

Updated on March 3, 2014

How to get a job doing bankruptcy property inspections

Most jobs are not posted or listed so many who are interested in getting into this type of work need to first contact the companies who provide these types of inspections by sending them an email, many will have a section on their website that you can submit an application to them and let them know what geographical area you can work.

Some require previous experience and others due to a NO Contact policy only require a visual inspection or drive by.

You will need to have a computer and a reliable transportation, many work on a tight deadline and quick turnaround schedule so you must stay organized and plan out your trips use GPS or a Thomas guide so you can use your time and save on gas when driving to the many residential homes that need verifications.

Now is the time to start your career working as a residential inspector, the following guide will help you with what you need to get started in REO property preservation, field inspections, HUD and how to find jobs with field companies.

With so many foreclosures on the market, banks need to sub contract out work to independent contractors who can go and do field logistics and home inspection in local areas.

Companies who hire field inspectors for Bankruptcy Property Inspections are:

  • McKinney Process Servers
  • TAM Inspection Services
  • East Coast Inspection Services
  • Digital Field Services
  • Property Preservation & Inspection Services
  • First American Field Services
  • ASD America
  • AMK Field Inspections

Most of the time people want to know how to get a job doing bankruptcy inspections or need information on the companies hiring inspectors for the mortgage field services Industry.

What you need to know about bankruptcy inspections?

Some of the services offered by many in the field service mortgage industry is Bankruptcy Inspections.

In order to fully understand how this happens this guide will walk you through the process and how to get a job as a property inspector and what companies are hiring field inspectors for this type of work.

When an action filed in a federal bankruptcy court allows a creditor to reorganize or discharge credit obligations due to insolvency.

The property owner may restrain foreclosure action by filing bankruptcy, what this means is that a legal proceeding allows a debtor to discharge certain debts or obligations without paying the full amount or allows the debtor time to reorganize his financial affairs so he can fully repay his debts.

Bankruptcy Property Inspections

Property Inspection Industry
Property Inspection Industry

As a field inspector you will be required to check out residences of homeowners who have used a bankruptcy to stall the foreclosure process, in order to keep a foreclosing lender from proceeding with the foreclosure until the bankruptcy proceedings are completed or the court in charge of the bankruptcy allows the lender to continue with the foreclosure.

Your duties in a bankruptcy property inspection is to make a visual exterior inspection for occupancy verification, many companies will require you to give a property description.

Due to the fact that many of the residences will not be vacant you will not have interior access and you will not make contact with the mortgagor, property occupant or third parties, instead you will provides the current condition of the property, the occupancy status and if there are any existing or potential conditions that could impact the value of the premises.

If the property appears to be vacant, you can then verify the vacancy status with a neighbor.

Property Inspection Jobs

  • Mortgage Services Inspections available immediately. Marin County - Apprx. 40 due 1/24 & 1/25 West Contra Costa - Apprx. 30 due 1/24 & 1/25 Online report with 1 photo required. Payment: Net 10 days Other
  • Requirements: High Speed Internet Digital Camera With Date Stamp GPS Property Observations And Some Face-To-Face Interviews Business Days
  • Please reply with relevant experience and availability. Michelle Brown Brown Brandy Field Services
  • Mortgage Services Inspector - Marin & West CCC, CA Property Inspector - Philadelphia, PA Self motivated individuals needed to inspect for property damages. No experience needed, full training provided.
  • Part time and full time positions available. Flexible hours, lucrative compensation package, great opportunity for growth. Management positions available with retirement benefits.
  • We are experiencing record growth and need people NOW! Ideal position for person with construction background or previous customer service, sales or teaching experience. Must be a resident of PA, NJ or MD to qualify.
  • Please respond with your resume including your phone number or call 215-997-7822.
  • Property Inspector Need Road Warrior for permanent part time position. Must have reliable vehicle, laser fax, & digital camera. Will train. Fax resume to: 203-797-1994
  • Part Time Commercial Property Inspector, Strategic Asset Services, Cleveland, OH Inspector will perform property inspections on behalf of the commercial mortgage industry, including making management contact, setting appointments,
  • completing physical inspections, and uploading written reports. Schedule is flexible, set by the inspectors, working from their homes.


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  • George Belous profile image

    George Belous 6 years ago

    Tnx! Very useful article. Especial for me. I look for bankruptcy property companies.

  • profile image

    Jazmine Aguilera 6 years ago

    Hi I am currently seeking a job in Bakersfield, Ca. Would like to stay in the bank Owned home inspections business. Have 3 yrs of experience. Worked as a subcontractor for Bank of America, Chase and other companies. You wont be let down. My e-mail is

    Thank you.

  • profile image

    Antonio Herrera 6 years ago

    Hi. I have previous work experience as a field inspector in Los Angeles, CA. Please contact me if you have work available in this area. 1(310)866-2614

  • profile image

    Earnest  8 years ago

    I am located in the Greensboro,NC area and seeking information, and a company that "pays" for field inspections. I have approximately 2 years experience and I want to provide jobs for 5-7 inspectors, about 25-30 inspections per day. I know the importance of fast turn around time so if you can provide any help in this matter would be very much appreciated. You can contact me at Thank you in advance.

  • sealytrinbagoinc profile image

    sealytrinbagoinc 8 years ago from Miami, Fl

    We are interested in property foreclosure preservation, mantainance and inspection jobs. Sealy Trinbago is owned and operated by two local Miami residents with vast and successful experience in all aspects of Real-Property Management.

  • Research Analyst profile image

    Research Analyst 8 years ago

    Thanks anitak that is such a sweet compliment. I do enjoy what I do. thanks

  • anitak profile image

    anitak 8 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

    You are an amazing writer and I always find something or learn something from your hubs. Keep them coming. Hope you never stop writing.