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New & Vintage Retro Flip Clocks for Sale

Updated on November 19, 2011

Retro Flip Clocks for Sale

Flip clocks are awesome! If you were around in the 1960s or 1970s, this picture probably looks familiar. Flip clocks had digital displays, but not of the LED or LCD type that's common today. Rather, they featured an analog split flap display, as shown here.

Flips clocks can give a room a great retro look, so they are a choice accessory for home decor!

On this page you will find both new and old flip clocks for sale. There are many unique and unusual looking new flip clocks, but for a more realistic retro look, you might consider buying a real genuine vintage flip clock. Many of the old ones had alarm clocks with radios.... Some were right out of the Eames Era, Space Age Era, etc...

Keep reading for more tips about what to look for!

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So, New or Old?

Would you rather have a new or old flip clock?

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New Wall Flip Clock with Calendar - The Time and Date Displays "Flip"

Wall Hanging Flip Clock with Large Numbers
Wall Hanging Flip Clock with Large Numbers

This wall flip clock is a popular choice! It's rather large - about 12" x 12" - and the date and time displays actually flip! The downside is that on months that don't have 31 days, you will have to manually reset the date, and the calendar year also has to be changed manually once a year.

If you're looking for a big flip clock for your wall, look no further!


New White Table or Wall Flip Clock - Simple Elegant Design

Torre & Tagus Retro Flip Clock, White
Torre & Tagus Retro Flip Clock, White

White is a popular choice for interior design. It easily matches other colors.

Buy it new - And get it in perfect condition!


Robot Like Flip Clock for your Desk - This has movable legs!

Kikkerland Flip Clock
Kikkerland Flip Clock

The description says that this has a mechanical look that men will love, and suggests that this would make a great gift for men. It's one of the most unique new flip clocks out there... I'd say women will like it too!

It would make a great conversation piece for the home or office.


Brand New Flip Clock with Alarm Clock! - This has a real retro look!

Tips on Buying Flip Clocks on Ebay

Ebay is the best place to find vintage collectible flip clocks!

Below you will find a selection of current Ebay listings for flip clocks. Some are expensive, and some are very cheap. While I love getting a good deal on Ebay, here are some tips I've learned from my experience as a buyer on Ebay:

- Look closely at feedback. Look for comments about packing. Flip Clocks often have knobs and buttons that could easily break if not protected well. Look for a seller who appears to do a good job at packing.

- If not stated in the listing, ask the seller questions about the condition and function. Find out if the clock works, and if other features like the radio and alarm function work. Also, if there is a backlight, find out if that works.

A Panasonic Flip Clock was Featured in Back to the Future - Watch the Film Sections Featuring this Clock....

If you watch the display on this clock, you will see it flip and change times!

Thanks for stopping by. If these bring back any memories, I'd love to hear about them!

Your Comments on Flip Clocks - Own one? Want one?

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