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Review of WAL-Board Tools Drywall Repair Patch

Updated on September 5, 2014

One of the previous owners of our house must have had some anger issues. There were several fist size holes in the drywall in the garage. Maybe the previous owner hated it? Or maybe some kids were just having fun. For many years I covered the holes with trade posters I got from work but I decided it was time to fix them once an for all! I wanted a neat and clean look.

In the past there was only really two ways to mend large holes in drywall. Replace the entire piece or cut out a square area slightly bigger than the bad spot then cut another small piece of drywall to fit in the hole and secure it with Spackle. Wallboard Tool offers a easy third alternative in their Drywall Repair Patch.

Start by thoroughly cleaning the drywall around the hole to be patched to remove any dust and dirt. Next use tin snips to cut a patch out of the 8" x 8" drywall repair patch so that it extends a half inch around the hole to be repaired. If possible try to make the it square or rectangular in dimension. Now remove the paper on the back of the aluminum mesh to reveal the adhesive and place it so that it completely covers the hole in the drywall. Press firmly on the patch so that it adheres to the drywall.

Follow this by a thin layer of spackle starting at the center of the patch and working your way out to the edges. Apply just enough spackle so that you can no longer see the mesh pattern of the patch and that the spackle extends a little past the edges. Let the spackle dry over night. Next day use 150 Grit sandpaper on a sanding block to feather the spackle so that the edges of the patch transition smoothly to the surrounding drywall. A good coat of paint and you are done!

The Drywall Repair Patches worked wonderfully in repairing the holes in walls of my garage and I am sure you will find numerous applications around your household as well.

Walboard Tool 54-006 6" X 6" Drywall Repair Patch
Walboard Tool 54-006 6" X 6" Drywall Repair Patch

I also ordered these smaller patches from Amazon in order to fix small drywall holes.

DAP 12330 Dry Time Indicator Spackling, 1-Quart Tub
DAP 12330 Dry Time Indicator Spackling, 1-Quart Tub

This is the Spackle I used to with the Walboard Drywall Patch.


Great Drywall Repair Video by The Home Depot

Goldblatt G05447 Hand Sander with Wood Handle
Goldblatt G05447 Hand Sander with Wood Handle

This is the sander I used to feather the Spackle over the Wal-Board Drywall Patch.



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    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 3 years ago from Colorado

      Thankfully, no anger management holes in my drywall. However, I have used this product when a doorknob created a small crater in the wall. As you mentioned, it works great. It's a good product to have on hand for small repairs.