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River Rock - Antico Elements

Updated on August 1, 2013

The incredible River Rock look for your home.

There is nothing like a very natural stone and rock accent in any home. When a room or an office feels doll many people dream about adding an image and design of an outdoor element to keep them connected with the outdoors while being inside. The problem with adding element like River Rock, Stacked Stone or River Rocks is the cost. Many don't know about imitation or Faux River Rock that comes in easy-to-use panels.

We have seen multiple examples of installation of real rock and also talked to homeowners who were very disappointed with the results and the dealing with contractors and companies doing the installation.

As many will understand, spending thousands of dollars on a company and a product should return a nice looking result. To start, good looking and real river rocks are hard to come by. They need to be harvested and transported to the job site. With todayĆ¢s cost of fuel you can imagine how expensive it is to use real river rock.

There is a very nice alternative.

Today consumers are taking advantage of the faux version of river rock, which comes in convenient panel sizes. River rock panels look exactly like the real rocks, if not better. When trying to install real rocks you are not always able to arrange them correctly, due to the material available to you. Some may be too small or the bigger ones may leave large gaps.

Faux river rock panels are simply the best material you can find around because it solves so many issues.

All it is needed to install these panels are very basic carpentry tools that most homeowners have at their disposal.

You can install them with a circular saw - although at table saw is recommended - a drill and some screws! That is really all you need!

Adding fake river rock panels is also a major improvement in areas where weathers are extremes. Thanks to the added R5 insulation factor provided by these panels, you will add an extra layer of insulation that in time will repay for itself.

River Rock Corners
River Rock Corners

River Rock Accessories

River Rock Corners

What makes Faux River Rock even better is the availability or corners and other accessories.

By using corners and trim you can create an even more seamless look for your walls.


Have you every tried to create corners with real river rocks?

We are well aware of how odd these rocks can be if installed at corner of a wall. The beauty of per-manufactured, interlocking corners is that you will never have to worry about arranging rocks.

There are also some really nice and new accessories at Antico Elements that will really help in filling gaps between panels and corners.

Since faux panels of river rocks are made to one size, you might have to cut one of them when reaching the end of a wall and particularly if you need to interlock them with a corner.

To fix these problems now you are able to install some grouted, flat panels and arrange individual stones as you see fit.

The options are really unlimited with high density resin river rock sheets. Simply order a sample before making any decision.

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