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Rubbermaid 5E39 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat

Updated on September 20, 2015

Rubbermaid 5E39 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat

Product reviews of the deck box from Amazon buyers have expressed their newly found enjoyment of ownership. They say it comes from the uncluttered view that is experienced after items around the deck, patio or yard are stored in the newly purchased container.

Reviews continue to be written describing the surprise as to how much material fits into the Rubbermaid Deck Box.

The extra-large storage space is reported to be durable, and from blueprint to the final delivered container, great for storing a wide variety of items indoors or outdoors.

Because inner and outer dimensions are well-proportioned, the deck box fits easily into any deck corner without protruding over the rail and provides ample cubic feet of storage space.

The cover is designed to allow for a lock that you can purchase separately. This gives you the opportunity to prevent children from possibly becoming injured because of access to sharp objects or harmful chemicals. The seat is factory molded into the hinged cover. Amazon buyers have reported that it is comfortable for most.

The unit can be assembled within a reasonably short time-frame because the panels easily fit together with no requirement of additional tools. After assembly and placement, the sandstone colored cover and base and hunter green or drab sage colored panels can harmonize nicely with your backyard foliage.

The deck box is built with the manufacturer's intention of lasting a long time. The owner is pretty much freed from maintenance and can expect a crack-resistant exterior in extreme swings of temperature including cold temperatures.

The consensus from a number of deck-box owners is that they find it easy to organize their decks, patios and backyards without giving up valuable space!

Storage Ideas To Help You Keep Your Outdoor Areas Clutter Free.

After a quick look around your poolside and backyard you may find many items that clutter your view of a peaceful summer day and you might consider changing your situation by taking a look at the outdoor storage ideas shown here.

Highlighted Features

Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat, Extra Large, 120 Gal., 16 cu. ft., Olive Steel (FG5E3900OLVSS)
Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat, Extra Large, 120 Gal., 16 cu. ft., Olive Steel (FG5E3900OLVSS)

Your effort to assemble can be smooth and quick with sections that snap together at a fast pace. The sandstone color of the cover and the interior base and the sage green color of panels blend with just about any outdoor scene. The hinged cover design makes it possible for great accessibility and is built to last. This storage box frees you from maintenance and is resistant to cracks and holds up well in cold temperatures. All in all, an easy way to organize your deck, backyard, patio or any similar area.

Other features suggested by Amazon:

Deck box with seat

Indoor/outdoor storage

16.2 cubic feet of storage space

Grid floor helps keep long handled tools

Rugged high-density polyethylene construction won't chip, crack or peel

Includes interlocking resin panels and lockable doors (locks not included)

Inside dimensions: 56-1/2 by 21 by 22-1/2 inches

Rustproof & Weatherproof

Easy to assemble

Stores equipment, garden accessories, and more!


Pros and Cons and Amazon User Feedback

There are over 112 reviews online and the storage box has a large percentage of 4/5 star ratings. Owners were happy with how easy it was to set up and they also were appreciative of the available storage capacity. Many users who at first were skeptics in regards to its ability to maintain its dryness were pleasantly surprised to find that, after some time passed, the moisture and ventilation requirements were positive characteristics.

Here's a summary of what Amazon users had to say about the Rubbermaid Deck Box with a Seat:

  • Easy to assemble!
  • Weather resistant!
  • Maintains an attractive look through out the year!
  • Provides ample storage capacity!
  • Extra seating room during pool and deck parties!
  • Some complaints about pricing but not enough of a negative to avoid purchasing because Amazon did provide the best price when buyers looked around at other outlets.
  • Invaluable for organizing your outdoor area!

One of the more frequent comments was how often buyers were pleased when listening to party quests who thought it looked really nice on the owner's deck or patio and wanted to know where they'd purchased it!

Video of: Rubbermaid 5E39 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat - waterproof outdoor storage

Useful Ideas May Arise In Your Thoughts At Any Moment.

Some outdoor storage buyers purchased a Rubbermaid Deck Box with a particular use in mind and then found many other uses they hadn't thought of until now. Keep that in mind when considering how much forethought you put into a possible outdoor storage box purchase. We hope someone's comment will spur additional thoughts along similar and even broader lines?"

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    • profile image

      Sojourn 5 years ago

      When I bought my outdoor patio box, there were only taupe options available. I would have absolutely loved this one with the brown base. We get a lot of dust blowing around here in the desert and that brown looks nice and probably would hold up well to those walls of dirt that come on through every now and then. I like this one!