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Save $1000's switching home lighting to LED

Updated on April 23, 2015

Switch Incandescent, Halogen & Fluorescent Lights to LED Bulbs and SAVE BIG!

You may not realize that there are specialty light bulbs (LED - Light emitting diode) available that use one tenth of the power that other bulbs use. When you have 50 to 60 bulbs in one house that can add up really quick.

I used a LED savings calculator to quickly figure out that I would be saving over $170 per month in electricity costs (California). That means you can recover the initial cost of the bulbs in just a little over 1 month and the rest goes in your pocket or towards a vacation!

That's not all, regular bulbs burn out fast while LED's can last from 50,000 - 100,000 hours without replacement. That is between 10 and 20 years. When you calculate the bulb replacement cost and the energy savings it adds up to a whopping $22,000 - $50,000 dollars over the life of the bulb. Unbelievable? Calculate it and see. LED power and replacement calculator

I didn't want to pay retail for the bulbs since they cost a little more anyway so I ordered them direct from China through ebay and I found many who have very low prices and even ship free without a minimum order. I spent hours finding them and have shared them below.

LED Light Benefits

  1. Environmentally friendly, no toxic mercury or lead like Compact Fluorescent Lights
  2. Uses much less energy than other lights (Incandescent, CFL, Halogen)
  3. Lasts many times longer than other lights (Incandescent, CFL, Halogen)
  4. Saves more money on replacement than other lights (Incandescent, CFL, Halogen)
  5. Climate friendly - converts more energy to light than heat unlike other bulb types

Don't Buy Dangerous CFL's Compact Fluorescent Lights

They are not only full of poisonous mercury but they won't save you as much as LED's.

How to compare bulbs for LED replacement

  • North American standard incandescent bulb sockets are called E27
  • North American standard Halogen bulb sockets are called Gu10
  • Living room and bedroom lighting is usually warm white not cool white
  • Laundry room, basement and office lighting is usually pure white or cool white
  • A standard incandescent bulb for living space is 2700k with a warm yellow glow
  • A standard replacement LED for living space is less yellow at about 3000-3500k
  • When your replace your incandescent and halogen bulbs you will only need a very low watt LED bulb. See the LED Watt Conversion & Light Replacement Guide below.

LED Watt Conversion & Light Replacement Guide

Go Green & Save Big! Replace Your Lamp Lights with LED's

E27 LED Warm & Cool White Light Bulbs for Lamp Lighting - 7 Watt LED Bulbs = 60 Watt Incandescent or Halogen

Make sure you select 110v for North American voltage

NOTE: You can select the BUY NOW option to avoid bidding. Be sure to select FREE SHIPPING.

Go Green & Save Big! Replace your Gu10 Base Halogen Lights with LED's

Gu10 LED Lights for replacing Halogen lights - 85-265V range for North America. Don't bid select BUY NOW

Gu10 Base 6w, 5w, 3w directional bulbs to replace halogen lights. Start saving money.

Go Green & Save Big! Replace your ceiling & fan lights with E27 Directional LED's

Go Green & Save Big on Specialty (Dimmable) LED Lighting

E27/E14 LED Specialty Dimmable Lights

Note: E14 lights are a smaller base size for chandeliers etc.

Remote controlled color LED lighting & light bulb fixture adaptors

Remote Control Color LED Lighting Gu10/E27 - Light Bulb & Fixture Adaptors

E27 to Gu10 | Gu10 to E27 | E27 to E14

Guestbook Comments - How much are you going to save? Where are you going to go on vacation?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing all the informative details here. I had so much fun learning and reading.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great tips to save energy. Great lens.


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