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Recycled Building Materials

Updated on June 14, 2017
Recycled Building Materials
Recycled Building Materials

Used Building Materials

A great way to share good kitchen cabinets at a bargain is to contact upscale kitchen remodel / installers. They are usually are in the business of installing fabulous kitchens for expensive houses. In the process, they remove the cabinets that are there. These are often lovely and of high quality themselves, just boring to the people who have lived with them. You can buy them from the installers for a fair sale price.

Apartments that are being converted into condominiums also yield kitchen cabinets. They also may offer up footed cast iron bathtubs, intricate wood molding, lighting fixtures, chandeliers, ceramic sinks, marble steps, and the like.

Some people have gone into the business of salvaging building materials that are discarded from renovation jobs. They stock dozens of used doors, sinks, tubs, door locks, pillars, stained glass, fireplace mantels, medicine cabinets, and the like. What one person calls "used," another calls "antique". Their prices are generally excellent, even if some stripping, cleaning, and fitting are required. Keep in mind that some fixtures are just as well old as new. Cast iron radiators are a good example. New, one might cost $200 from a salvage dealer, $45 and the old ones will work as well as the new one after its inside has been flushed.


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