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Self contained garden boxes

Updated on August 21, 2013

Self contained garden boxes are a great Spring gift for a gardener!

Particularly for those who have limited yard space, self contained garden boxes will provide you with produce, flowers, or anything else you'd like to grow while taking up very little space. The smallest self contained gardens are only a few feet long and less than a foot wide which is perfect for even the smallest deck or patio. Considering the benefits of growing your own fruits (think red ripe strawberries!) or vegetable (tomatoes anyone?), you'll easily be able to start your plants in early Spring (in some cases, you can start your seedlings inside) and be able to harvest well into the fall.

Container gardens are not only small and portable (some are on wheels) but they're also very easy to maintain if you purchase the self watering system too. I can't tell you how many times I've stressed my own vegetable garden by forgetting to water so a watering system was a must on my list as I explored these self contained garden boxes. The EarthBox appears to be one of the best on the market so let's get to it and see what EarthBox offers. In fact, that picture above is of the EarthBox MiniGarden on

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Multiple plant pots can create a beautiful display

These container gardens contain multiple sections so you can grow some beautiful spring daffodils to use as cut flowers and also cultivate a great herb garden. Fill each section with something different and see how your garden grows.

EarthBox Mini Garden ContainerCHECK PRICE

Akro-Mils Stack-A-Pot CHECK PRICE

12-inch Stacking Planters with Patented Flow through Watering System and Hanging ChainCHECK PRICE

Three Tier Plant StandCHECK PRICE

Container gardening ideas

Here's a few ideas to get your gardening juices flowing.

  • Plant Spring bulbs in a container garden. One of the things I don't like about spring bulbs is the green leaves that remain long after the flowers have bloomed. I have a lot of daffodils, crocuses and irises that I've planted in container gardens so that, once the blooms have adorned my Passover table, I just place the entire container in a section of the yard where the soon-to-be brown leaves don't mar my landscape.
  • Use a self contained garden box to create a beautiful herb garden. Herbs take up very little space and add texture and flavor to almost any meal. Consider planting fragrant creeping rosemary along with delicate lemon thyme. Basil works well in a container garden also.
  • Think outside the box (pun intended) and mix cut flowers with vegetables. Add spice and variety to your tomato container garden by planting a few marigolds alongside - this will also thwart bugs.
  • Place your self contained garden box on a pretty stand and make it a piece of art. I have a now-almost-decrepit clay strawberry pot that is only prettier now that it's sort of broken down. I put it on a pretty garden mosaic table and never fail to get compliments on my 'artistic eye.' Of course, this cracks me up as the pot is really all broken looking but the hens and chicken succulents thriving in my old pot don't mind a bit.
  • Container gardens can be started in about any kind of container you can imagine. How about adding some soil to a mason jar and starting a few parsley plants or any other type of herb plant.

My old broken down strawberry pot has 'character' - at least, that's how I choose to see it

My old broken down strawberry pot has 'character' - at least, that's how I choose to see it
My old broken down strawberry pot has 'character' - at least, that's how I choose to see it

The EarthBox Container Garden System

When one speaks of 'container gardens', the name EarthBox invariably comes up. EarthBox is the leader in self-watering container garden systems and for good reason. Although not cheap, EarthBox reviewers state their delight in the quality of the product - some reviewers have been using the same EarthBox container garden system for 5 or 10 years! Note: the below systems do not come with the self watering system - look below for information on that.

EarthBox container gardenCHECK PRICE

And the largest EarthBox gardenCHECK PRICE

Here's the EarthBox watering systems that go along with those fancy EarthBox self contained garden boxes:

EarthBox(r) Self-Watering System Starter Kit CHECK PRICE

EarthBox® Automatic Watering System 6-Box Kit CHECK PRICE

Create a container garden in only 21" of space

This container garden is modeled after the Mayan adobe cliff dwellers with its varied heights and containers. This would be the perfect self contained garden box for some lovely herbs and short flowers like impatients.

Garden Scene Mayan Garden Container, Terra Cotta CHECK PRICE

These Spring onions were planted in a soup bowl in my kitchen

These Spring onions were planted in a soup bowl in my kitchen
These Spring onions were planted in a soup bowl in my kitchen

Here's some self watering planters on

Self watering planters are the only way to go for container gardens, if you ask me. As I mentioned, I've lost more than one plant from forgetting to water the sucker!

Please leave me comments to let me know you dropped by!

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