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Best Shaving Brush Stand - Make Yours Stand Out

Updated on March 21, 2016
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Enda offers some great advice on buying gifts for men. Here he offers a range of great gift ideas for the man who has everything.

Shaving Brush Stand and Bowl

Shaving Brush Stand and Bowl
Shaving Brush Stand and Bowl | Source

Claim Your Spot In The Bathroom With A Quality Stylish Shaving Brush Stand

If like me, you live in a house of ladies, then it can be tough to find anything manly in the bathroom. A shaving brush stand is not only a practical shaving device but also actually looks very good as well. The preference of many men is to have a wet shave, if not always, then at least occasionally.

To do that you will need a good shaving brush, and therefore you will need somewhere to hang it. A good stand is ideal for this purpose as it is very important to dry a shaving brush with the bristles pointing downwards. Any good stand should be designed in such a way to allow this to happen. It should also of course be tall enough to accommodate a safety razor.

I have one in my own bathroom which gives me my man feel along with a toothbrush and a shower gel. Aside from that it is a scene of shampoo, conditioner, bath bubbles, and a host of female gadgets, most of which I have no idea what they do. That is mostly the way it is for men I guess.

I recently built an ensuite in my bedroom and though that would allow me the opportunity to get some more of my grooming products in there. Alas, it was only for a fleeting moment, before my wife also took over that one. Still, at least I now have a couple of shaving brush stands, one in each bathroom so I can usually get access to one or the other.

This actually makes a great Father's day gift in my opinion or even a birthday or Christmas gift for the man who prefers to have a wet shave.

Tips When Purchasing A Shaving Brush Stand

The main consideration is simply the style that you like. As you will see below there are quite a few styles to pick from and that will always come down to personal choice. Any shaving brush stand should have two holders, one for the brush and one for the razor. There are a few other things though that you should just be aware of. I will list these below so as you have a good sound knowledge before making a final decision.


This is probably going to sit on a shelf, a bathroom window or perhaps a dressing table. It is important then that it balances well and will not fall over. Most stands have this as the base will be weighted to make sure there is no danger of toppling. Just make sure that is the case when making your decision.

Most manufacturers will state that the base has been weighted.

Razor Size

These stands have been designed so as they will fit most safety razors. Unless you have a very unusual safety razor then you should be fairly safe. Some razors do have long handles so you need to be sure that there is enough height between where the razor will hang and the place where the stand will sit.


Most people will have this as a fixed item in their bathroom or bedroom. Some men do like to take this with them when they travel or go on holiday. If you are one of those then check that it can be quickly unscrewed and dismantle for easy travel. Otherwise as it sits it would be a difficult thing to pack.

Appearance and Décor

Now for most guys, the truth is that we will not give a great deal of thought as to what this looks like as long as we like it. If you live in a bachelor pad you can do what you like. However if you are living with a partner, or a married guy with a family, then you have to consider something else.

That is of course where you will keep your stand. Some guys will have this in the bathroom and others may have this in a bedroom or an ensuite. Irresepective of where this is going to be, it should ideally match whatever other décor is in the room. Now personally I am not that good at doing this type of thing, and my good lady just does a much better job than me.

My advice would be that if you are planning on getting a stand for your shaving brush and/or razor, then have a quick chat with your partner. That could save you a lot of earache in the end.

Top 3 Best Selling Shaving Brush Stands at Amazon

I have compiled a short list of the best 3 selling shaving brush stands. They all get really good reviews by users who have bought them. Just make sure about the actual height and make sure that it will fit the specific safety razor that you have.

The Colonel Conk Evernice Model

Colonel Conk Classic Shave Stand Model 775 Chrome
Colonel Conk Classic Shave Stand Model 775 Chrome

This is the best selling model by a very long way. Designed to allow air flow to help dry the shaving brush.

The brush slot is 1 inch and the razor slot is 5"

This is a decent price and is pretty modern looking which is why this is such a popular choice for many guys.


Video Review of the Colonel Conk Stand

The Escali Branded Shaving Stand

Escali Deluxe Chrome Razor and Brush Stand
Escali Deluxe Chrome Razor and Brush Stand

This is the second best seller and also a very good choice. I bought this one for my ensuite bathroom.

It is also portable so I can take it with me when I travel


Do You Have Man Space In Your Bathroom?

See results

Why Buy A Shaving Stand At All?

The main reason these exist is to allow your shaving brush to properly dry out. Shaving brushes should always be dried with the bristles pointing downwards. This stops any danger of rot where the brushes meet the head of the brush.

The stand also will hold your razor and means your shaving kit is well looked after. Although these are the main reasons, I personally also like to have my things neat and tidy. They do not take up much space and it adds a nice manly touch to any room.

The Super Safety Deluxe

Deluxe Stainless Steel Safety Razor and Shaving Brush Stand from Super Safety Razors
Deluxe Stainless Steel Safety Razor and Shaving Brush Stand from Super Safety Razors

If you like stainless steel then this is the one for you I believe

It is a pretty sleek design and is very well balanced so no toppling issues here.


The More Unusual Styled Shaving Stands

Not all shaving stands are made equal. Different people like different things and that is no different when it comes to buying one of these. I have picked out a few that are a little different but that are also good quality and pretty popular choices for many men.

Now for guys who want to stick with tradition then there are really only two choices. That is either a classic stainless steel version or the older fashioned wooden one. They both look great but the stainless steel one is easier to maintain and look after. As you can imagine it is a much easier one to clean.

That is the style I have myself and it matches the other bathroom accessories that I have so that also works pretty well.

The Classic Wooden Shaving Stand


Unique Shaped Shaving Stands


I Would Be Very Interested In Hearing Your Thoughts and Comments - Please Feel Free To Leave Them Below

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      There's a terrific amount of knedwolge in this article!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      The weight and banacle of my Parker is excellent. Hanging upside down in a stand dries the not much quicker. It is a much nicer brush than the art of shaving badger that comes in there kit!


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