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Comparing Steam Washer Dryer Sets: Samsung, Electrolux, and Whirlpool

Updated on January 2, 2014


  • Always use HE detergent in your machine.
  • If you are self-installing remember some dryers do not come with cords. When buying a cord, make sure it matches the wall outlet in your home.
  • If purchasing at an appliance store ask for a discount if paying CASH! Stores pay a lot in credit/debit fees. Always ask the store manager if you can get a reduced price for paying with cash! It works!
  • Check with your local electric provider to see if they offer rebates for buying Energy Star appliances.
  • Keep a copy of your receipt with your tax papers. Your purchase may qualify for a deduction.

Our wardrobe is an important part of our life. We spend a lot of time and money caring for our clothes long after the initial purchase. If you are like me, you usually end up shrinking your favorite shirt. And those "wrinkle free" dress pants I got last fall? They always get pushed to the back of the closet because they need ironing. So, the commercials for the new steam washer dryer sets caught my attention! As I stood in the big box store checking them out, I decided I should do some in depth research before I put down a couple grand on a set of appliances I will have for at least a decade.

I compared three brands; Samsung, Electrolux, and Whirlpool. All three are pretty close in price, ranging from $2,200 - $3,000 per set. They all have the steam options to reduce wrinkles, refresh, sanitize, and remove stains. They are all 3 front loaders with king size capacity washers (4.3-4.5 cu. ft.) with equivalent size dryers.

Samsung 457 Series

If you love technology, the Samsung 457 Series Steam Washer Dryer Sets are for you! These high tech washer dryer sets can be controlled by your smartphone! (IPhone or Galaxy) You can start your washer or dryer from your phone and it will alert you when the cycle is complete! f anything goes wrong the free app can also diagnose your appliance. The smart washer has a few extra setting like wool cycle, pre-wash, and speed spray.

The speed spray option will save time on your regular and heavy duty loads. Samsung says it's speed spray option can cut down an hour long wash to 45 minutes. This could save you an hour of laundry time on just 4 wash loads! That is amazing! This Samsung product also comes with a good warranty; 1 year parts and service, 2 years for the control board, 3 years for drum, and 10 years for the motor.

Personally the Samsung 457 was too technical for doing laundry in this household. Although it has a lot of bells and whistles, it seemed to make doing laundry too complicated. I did not like the idea of having to go through the set up on the touch screen for each load of laundry. I rarely change the settings on my washer and I am not likely to use the app. It would come in handy if my girls were teenagers! I can imagine going to work and using my phone to see if they were really doing their chores!

I must give this appliance a great review. Nearly everywhere I looked it received a 5 star rating. It is a high tech piece of equipment and if I were tech savvy, I am sure it would be really cool. It was just too much for me.

Electrolux Perfect Steam

These are awesome machines! I found that every review board I looked at gave these washers a 5 star rating. They have easy programming features. My children could easily do a load of laundry without my help. They come with the better warranty that is featured in the Samsung. The Electrolux has a white cycle and a pre-wash cycle. It has a good combination of the best features on the competitors list with a fair comparable price.

The most defining feature on the Electrolux is that the door is reversible! So, if you have an unusual setup or need to stack the washers and have the door swing the other way; this is the steam washer dryer set for you!

This set is a great buy. It has a good warranty, easy to use, a stable brand with a history of making imperial products.

Whirlpool Duet Steam

Ah, the Whirlpool. I am usually partial to this brand. The company headquarters was in my hometown years ago. One of the things I marked low for this washer and dryer was the warranty. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty, beat by both competitors. However, in Whirlpool's defense, I have found that if one of their products has a part that commonly fails, they will make an improved replacement part and send it to customers free of charge. I have called their service center in the past and have always gotten great support ans services for the appliances I have in my home. I have been satisfied with multiple Whirlpool products I own.

In comparison, this washer dryer set was easy to medium operation. Not as technical as the Samsung but maybe a little more so than the Electrolux. It has a dial like the old style appliances but also has a touch pad for additional settings. It looks much like the Electrolux control pad. A few of the extras include the Eco Monitor on the washer and dryer that tell you how energy efficient your settings are. This is great for the Eco-friendly family!

This washer also has additional cycles for whites and a soak cycle option that is not available with the others. The Whirlpool washer will also continue to circulate your clothes with a fan after the wash is complete. This will keep them from souring if you forget about them! It runs for up to 12 hours. This setting also allows you to wash and dry a very small load in the washing machine. No need to put them in the dryer!

I really like Whirlpool's easy operation. It is simple for my children and can be left on the same setting until manually changed for something special. One of the other great features I like is the laundry detergent compartment can hold up to 36 loads of detergent. I love this! No messy drips or spills each load. It will automatically dispense the amount needed per your washer settings.

It was a toss up for me between the Whirlpool and the Electrolux. Price ultimately drove me to the Whirlpool because I got a great deal. I hope this information helps you with your selection! Happy washing!


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