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It's Time for Your Bathroom Makeover... Tips for Picking the Right Shower Curtain

Updated on January 31, 2015

There are quite a number of different ways to present your shower to the world and your family. There are a variety of shower curtains for you to choose; designer, unique, discount, funky, cool and novelty shower curtains.

Most people do not aware that the shower curtain is the focal point of every bathroom and by changing the curtain, it is likely that you are changing the entire feel of your bathroom.

Selecting the right shower curtain can brighten and liven up the entire bathroom and if it is wrongly done, it could be the moodiest place in your house. Shower curtains as the largest thing in the room is able to set the mood and the overall style temperature for your bathroom.

Shower curtains are offered in a wide variety of different styles, colors and designs. They are also available in a variety of materials such as vinyl, cotton, polyester and plastic.

Some of the most favored, though, are the fabric shower curtains. Fabric shower curtains can be made from not only standard percale, but also denim, satin, brocade and terry cloth, which are quite common of among many other fabrics. Fabric shower curtains are easy to care for; they are machine washable and thus, cleaning them is not hard as most imagine.

Modern Shower Curtain
Modern Shower Curtain

Cotton shower curtains are also quite popular. The obvious reason is none other than that cotton is a relatively durable material (this depends on how it is constructed into the material that it is forming). Most cotton curtains for the shower is manufactured using tightly woven cross sections that allow for extreme durability and longevity.

This makes them can endure harsh condition that can occur within a bathroom setting. Besides, cotton is a comfortable fabric that consists of loosely placed fibers that retain their soft feel. This make them not only a durable accessory but also exhibits comfort and luxurious qualities.

Vinyl shower curtains are another type of curtain that also favored by most people. This is due to fact that it is durable, easy to clean and most of all cheap. However, due to health concern, vinyl shower curtains are not recommended anymore. Vinyl contains PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is used to stabilize the plastic during the manufacturing process of vinyl shower curtains. And a recent report shown that the average new vinyl shower curtains emits over 100 different toxic VOCs into the air for up to a month after it is opened and hung from the packet. So it is not recommended for you to choose this type of curtains.

Things to Consider When Buying Shower Curtains

  1. The Color of the Shower Curtains -The first and most important thing that you should consider when buying a showe curtain is none other than the color itself. Make sure that you select the color that will suite your bathroom d├ęcor best, which includes mirrors, rugs, mats, painting (if you have any) and etc. For example you can choose the white color curtain if your bathroom is painted white or yellow. Black shower curtain is also a good choice if you have an entirely white bathroom. You can also buy a curtain with design such as the Marimekko Kaiku Shower Curtain (shown on your right), which is quite contemporary and modern.
  2. Hanging Reinforcement - Not all curtains are hookless, there are those that need hooks and rings, particular those designer items. This means when you are shopping for your shower curtain, do also consider the kind of hooks and rings that you should buy. Make sure that these hooks and rings looks nice and compliment your bathroom design and style.
  3. The Curtain Fabric - As mentioned in the beginning of this articles, fabric also plays an important role in your decision. Shower curtains which are very tightly woven is perfect for cold weather. You can buy a cotton rich on that is made of cotton and polyester, nylon or 100% polyester. With the right color and design, you will definitely find on that works best for your bathroom. If can, avoid vinyl curtains entirely.
  4. Water Repellent - This is the most basic functional feature of the curtain, which can easily be forgotten when you are too focus on simply beauty. Never buy one that is none water repellent. It must have a line or liner and if not, make sure that it has a water repellent finish. You can also check out a 100% cotton shower curtain because it does not need liners.
  5. Machine wash and dry - One last thing that you should really not neglect is if the curtain is machine washable and dry. Make a comparison based on its flexibility in terms of washing method, else it could be a daunting task for cleaning them. Make sure that the curtain that you buy is clearly written, machine washable and dry.

Installing a curved shower curtain rod

How to Install a Shower Curtain Rod


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