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Silent Wall Clocks for Kids Room

Updated on June 22, 2014

Decorative Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clocks Tell You The Time, but Won't Keep Your Child Awake

Silence is golden! But so many cute clocks make a loud ticking sound... and if your child is a restless sleeper, easily kept awake by the slightest noise, you want that wall clock to be as quiet as possible.

Wall clocks in the nursery are one of those things, you don't realize how handy they are until you've got a squirmy baby or an active toddler on your hands at bedtime. How convenient just to glance up at a wall clock to see what time it is, instead of fumbling for your smartphone or twisting around to see your wrist watch!

Well, you don't have to give up on style, cuteness, and kid-friendly décor to find a silent, non-ticking wall clock for your child's room - just look at the non-ticking Rainbow Silent Wall-Mounted Clock shown here - just one of an array of cute non-ticking wall clocks to quietly brighten the wall of your nursery or child's bedroom.

No Ticking Noise! - In the Jungle, the Quiet Jungle...

Clocks are not just for telling time, they're a terrific piece of wall art as well. For a jungle safari or wild animal nursery, there are some really cute choices to pick up your main color scheme.

DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock, White Elephant Orange
DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock, White Elephant Orange
For a bright jungle or safari theme room, an elephant tells you the time without making any noise. On the face of the clock, small letters spell out the old saying, "The early bird catches the worm" - which is rather odd for an elephant, but an interesting way to introduce a toddler to the concept of metaphor in language!

Bright Bumblebee Yellow - Silent Clock with Easy-to-Read Black Numbers

For a kid's bedroom, you really can't go wrong with a bright primary color scheme for accessories and wall décor - like the bold sunny yellow of the non-ticking timepiece here.

DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock, Color Block, Yellow Bumblebee
DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock, Color Block, Yellow Bumblebee
This bright and cheerful silent wall clock in hot yellow has large black numbers that are easy to read from across the room, complete with second hands and a bold black frame that accents the bright colors. If you're doing your child's room in a bumble bee theme, this clock is right on!

Decorative Daisy - Lulu Décor Non-Ticking Metal Flower Wall Clock

Here's an adorable choice for a girly-girl's bedroom or even a more grown-up play space, if you like a retro-mod-groovy vibe. The face of the Lulu Décor Daisy Decorative ultra-quiet clock is a plain dove-grey glass dial surrounded by black metal stylized flowers, each accented with a sparkling white crystal. She'll feel like a real princess, with a clock like this silent beauty to hang on her wall - and sleep like a dream, with no ticking noise to disturb her precious slumber.

Fairytale Castle Clock - Made in USA Quartz Movement

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, the photograph that decorates this non-ticking clock, was the inspiration for Disney's iconic fantasy castle in Sleeping Beauty - what could be a more appropriate noise-free wall clock for the bedroom of your own little princess?

Learn to Tell Time - with a multi-colored teaching clock

Even in this age of digital displays, the ability to read an analog timepiece is a valuable skill for any child to learn - not just to tell time, but because of the way it helps their growing brains to develop a visual model for the passage of hours, minutes, and seconds.

EasyRead time teacher Children's Wall Clock with Simple 3 Step Teaching System. 12" Dia, Learn to Tell The time, Ages 5-12.
EasyRead time teacher Children's Wall Clock with Simple 3 Step Teaching System. 12" Dia, Learn to Tell The time, Ages 5-12.
This one - silent, of course - is printed with bright nursery colors on a white face, and shows the words "minutes to" and "minutes past" to help your young child learn the meaning of those common phrases. It's recommended for elementary school age children, but I'd hang this clock in a toddler's bedroom - it's never too early to start learning, with those curious little minds!

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