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Silk Flower Bouquets

Updated on April 8, 2013

Explore Silk Flower Bouquets and Ideas on How To Use Them

I'm not good at all with live plants. They look great for awhile but later wilt. I over water or under water. Too much light or not enough. For years I just accepted the fact any flowers or plants I had were destined for a short life span.

That is until I discovered how beautiful an alternative I could find. And aside from occasional cleaning concerns they are relatively maintenance free. When you see a great Silk Flower Bouquet you know it by the visual impact it has at first sight. When a bouquet is silk and you need to look twice to realize it is not real then the bouquet design is what you want. Realistic is important for most applications when you are going to use a silk flower arrangement. There are times when this isn't true, but, for this page the examples, resources, and ideas provided are going to assume you are looking for realistic bouquets to use in special ceremonies, parties, and home decorating.

When your silk flower bouquet is realistic you are better able to pair it with a few real flowers where it would be best to do so. Real flowers have their place but lack the shelf life you may need for special ceremonies. This way you can use the silk up until the last day and then incorporate the real flowers (where they are essential) into the design plan.

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Watch Not To Over Saturate The Same Print - Fuchsia (Fushia) Ranunculus Silk Bouquet

I remember having a cabbage rose decor for so many years. It seemed everything I bought would reflect this design. I once noticed I had a bed cover, curtains, and dishes all with the same colored cabbage roses on them. I had acquired each piece one by one and didn't snap to being overly addicted to the design until one day I was looking in the mirror of my room at a blouse I was wearing and it melted into the bed cover and curtains. They were all from the same fabric it seemed.

Having a couple of these elements is enough. Be cautious not to overdo an pattern or print. The result is things start to fade into each other. A few items if the room is large. One or two in a small room. Think about nature and how decorating is done there. Much variety with a common two or three focal points. Again depending on the size of the room.

Ranunculus Silk Bouquet - Fuchsia
Ranunculus Silk Bouquet - Fuchsia

Elegant Silk Fuchsia (Fushia) Ranunculus Flower Bouquet

A 'realistic' flower arrangement for holidays, table centerpieces, or to give to an actor after the school or college stage production. A bouquet can be used in entry halls, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This floral design is similar to many prints used in decorating which depict the cabbage rose.


For An Antique Decor - Pansy & Lavender Rose, Hydrangea & Ranunculus Silk Flower Bouquets

Antique looking colors make a great choice for a room where you would like to bring a heritage vibe. In the family room I like to have photos of the family. I'm working on having photos of my family, my parent's families, and as far back as possible. The colors in the decor can be a bit modern with the essence of the days where my families photos were taken.

For some reason the pale peach, sage slate green, and pale yellow comes to my mind.

Pack of 6 Pansy & Lavender Rose, Hydrangea & Ranunculus Silk Flower Bouquets 14"
Pack of 6 Pansy & Lavender Rose, Hydrangea & Ranunculus Silk Flower Bouquets 14"

Elegant Silk Mixed Flower Bouquet

Mix of flowers in a lovely autumn color scheme which will be a great accent centerpiece anytime of the year. Think of occasions when you are going to have a girls night in or an elegant summer or autumn dinner party. Use these in sets of the same or find single flowers to highlight one of your favorites in the bunch. For example: Find Hydrangea flowers to use singly on a series of decorations for a birthday party or wedding reception.

Another idea would be to find the lavender rose in a single or bouquet with one flower and use it in your decorating plan to draw out the lavender rose from the mixed silk bouquet.


Roses and Weddings - Red Silk Rose Cascade

My son's wedding, like so many others I have attended, had roses in the floral arrangements and bouquet. I don't think the rose has ever been removed from a wedding or any occasion where love is involved.

Roses are always a good choice for weddings and receptions. This is a rose bud design with a wrapped stem. The stem wrapping gives roses an elegant feel and would be the perfect bouquet for the bride to toss or for each bride's maid to carry.

Buds will go with a wide range of other wedding colors so this is a perfect design plan starter for any occasion when you are going to have flowers everywhere. The stem wrapping is a good place to look in order to order similar style wrapping so you can use it as an embellishment on chair covers, centerpieces, and other accents you would like to have in the reception hall.

Red Silk Rose Cascade - Bridal Wedding Bouquet
Red Silk Rose Cascade - Bridal Wedding Bouquet

Elegant Silk Red Rose Cascade Flower Bouquet

A red rose cascade gives you a flowing bouquet which would be a great choice to decorate the entry way of the wedding hall or reception hall. It would also make a great bouquet for wedding photos before and after the wedding. The bride might have red in her color scheme for her wedding and this would make a great arch cascade where you would use a sting of red roses everywhere on the ache and two of these about shoulder height on each side of the arch where the couple takes their vows.


Cheerful Yellow Choices - Elegant Silk Rose Eucalyptus Flower Bouquet

Yellow is a great color to add to any room. I love to use yellow flowers because they make me feel happy. They add a sunny feeling to the space. I love to have yellow in the kitchen and any room where we will gather together and have fun as a family.


Elegant Silk Rose Eucalyptus Flower Bouquet

The Elegant Silk Rose Eucalyptus Flower Bouquet gives you roses and eucalyptus. This is a great wedding bouquet option. Use in decorations or give to brides maids. The two elements together are lovey and have a great design and color combination as well as combined symbols for success in love.

Use in a centerpiece for wedding anniversaries or wedding day receptions. A few of these can be separated to make smaller decorative accents on reception tables.


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  • BuckHawkcenter profile image

    BuckHawkcenter 4 years ago

    Such beautiful bouquets you chose. Silk flowers work so well for so many decorating ideas.

  • profile image

    masunyoananda 4 years ago

    Silk bouquets are so elegant in style and this lens is awesome...Blessed...:)

  • nightbear lm profile image

    nightbear lm 4 years ago

    Oh such beautiful silk flower choices. Gorgeous bouquets.

  • Sylvestermouse profile image

    Cynthia Sylvestermouse 4 years ago from United States

    I have silk flowers throughout my home, simply because I love flowers and I hate to see live flowers die. You sure have featured some lovely silk flower bouquets!

  • Wednesday-Elf profile image

    Wednesday-Elf 4 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

    My son's bride was a trained floral designer, so when they got married she created ALL the flower bouquets, including her bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets and the boutonnieres for the men -- all out of beautiful silk flowers. I still have mine she made for the 'mother of the groom'. :-)