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Six Steps To Making Your Own Scrabble Coaster

Updated on July 23, 2014

How to make your very own Scrabble-themed coasters

Are you a fan of word games? A scrabble fanatic maybe? Or maybe you know a friend or family member who is. Or it could be possible that you are a fan of putting drinks on a table (who isn't?).

This article details how you can make your very own scrabble-themed drinks coaster using real scrabble tiles. They look great in the home of a word-game fanatic or as a simple home-made gift.

What You Need

  • Spare Scrabble letter tiles
  • Sheet(s) of cork thin board
  • A craft knife
  • Craft glue (or super glue if you're careful)
  • A spray-on finisher such as a Polyurethane Spray

Step One - Getting Ready

The first thing you need to do in order to create your own Scrabble coasters is get hold of some Scrabble letter tiles.

You may have a spare Scrabble set that you don't use, or maybe an old, tattered version of the game hiding in your attic. If not, you can look at local sales and charity shops for spare, cheap Scrabble games.

Alternately, you can also buy the Scrabble letters without buying the game.

Once you have gotten hold of some Scrabble tiles, you should think of a theme. For example, food & drink, animals, books, film, and so on. Themes make the coasters a bit more fun.

Step Two - Choosing Words

This is where the fun begins

Once you have your theme or themes in mind, you need to come up with four-letter words related to that theme.

For example, if your theme is food & drink, you could use the words Fish, Food, Bake, Cook, Lamb, Cake, Beer, Wine, Pork and so on.

Arrange the tiles into the chosen words and set them aside.

Why four letters?

The ideal coaster size is the equivalent to four standard Scrabble tiles by four standard Scrabble tiles (4 tiles in length and 4 in height). If you prefer larger coasters, you can try 5x5 or 6x6, but you'll find yourself running out of tiles quicker.

Random Scrabble Fact

When the first Scrabble game was released to the public, it did not come with a board. The game was played using just the tiles.

Are you a Scrabble-maniac?

Do you enjoy a game of Scrabble?

See results

Step Three - The Sticky Bit

Place the 4x4 words onto a sheet of cork board and line them up neatly to make a square. It might be smart to draw around the tiles with a pencil onto the board to mark where the edges are, in case the tiles get nudged. Use a craft knife to cut out a piece of cork around the tiles. If you're not confident and have plenty of cork board to spare, cut a little bit wider than the actual size of the coaster, to leave a small border in case you make an error.

Starting with the first word, put a little craft glue on the cork board and on the right edge of the first letter. Stick the letter down onto the cork board. Repeat for the remaining letters.

Gluing the edged of the letters ensures that nothing can fall into the gaps in the coaster and wear it down over time and makes sure the letters don't just pop off.

Random Scrabble Fact

It is impossible to play Scrabble in the Japanese or Chinese languages. Instead, they play in English, though the rule book is written in their own language.

Step Four - Watching Glue Dry

Admittedly, the not-so-exciting part

Allow the tiles some time to glue.

It would be ideal to place a heavy object on top, such as a book, to press the tiles down into the cork, helping the gluing process.

While you wait, you can be coming up with other themes, other words or getting started on the next coaster.

Ideally, the coaster should be allowed to try for about an hour.

If you left a wider cork border around the edge of the coaster, you can cut this off when it is dried.

Step Five - Applying A Finisher

When your Scrabble coaster has dried, the final step is to apply a finisher to it (a clear glue sealer, for example polyurethane spray).

I would advise using spray-on finisher, as brushing it on can leave streak marks.

Place the tiles on a protective surface or on some old newspaper and then spray them with the finisher. Leave to dry for ten minutes. How many coats of finisher you apply is up to you, but don't go overboard. One or two is enough.

The finisher will protect the coasters from liquids, for example a drink spill. It will also give the coasters a slightly glossy look.

Random Scrabble Fact

The word "Scrabble" comes from the Dutch word "schrabbelan". Which means to scrape away or to claw.

Step Six - Enjoy

Your Scrabble coasters are now complete! Great job!

Your home will now look fun and unique with these home-made scrabble coasters.

If you are giving them away as a gift, consider wrapping a stacked block of the coasters in a ribbon to make them look even more stunning when presented.

Cork Sheets - Plain 24" x 36", 1/16" thick
Cork Sheets - Plain 24" x 36", 1/16" thick

Quality cork for a quality coaster.

Martha Stewart Crafts Knife
Martha Stewart Crafts Knife

Be careful with this sharp crafting knife.


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    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 

      4 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Great project to give as a gift to all your wordsmithy friends :) Just an FYI - for those that don't want to use an aerosol polyurethane spray due to health reasons, there's an outdoor version of Mod Podge you can paint on that will be water/liquid resistant.

    • queenofduvetcover profile image


      4 years ago

      This is a great idea! Nice job on this lens. I am a big fan of scrabble. =)


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