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Small Swimming Pools

Updated on February 22, 2016

Bigger Isn't Always Better

What do you think of when you picture a swimming pool? For most people, it's probably a busy public pool, a luxurious Hollywood pool with famous people in sunglasses lounging around it, or maybe a suburban backyard pool full of kids splashing around. The one thing these pools all have in common is that they're large. However, in the real world, small swimming pools are extremely popular, for a whole host of reasons.

The most obvious advantage is that small pools are easier to fit in your yard. If you don't have much of a yard in the first place, then a more modest pool may be your only option. But even if your yard is spacious, you might not want to use too much of it on a pool. After all, there are plenty of other things to do with your backyard.

The other obvious reason people choose small pools is that they cost less. Along with the materials used, the size of a pool is a major factor in how much it costs. Bottom line, reducing the size also lowers the price tag.

Whatever your reason, you can find small pools in a variety of types and styles.

Above Ground vs. Inground

Whether you're getting an above ground pool or an inground pool may change your thinking on size. However, in both cases, there are compelling reasons to go smaller.

Above ground swimming pools can be pricey, but not in comparison to inground pools. The real issue with above ground pools is the fact that they sit on top of the ground and potentially block your view. If you have a lot of real estate, you can move them off to the side. Otherwise, you might consider a small pool, with a lower profile.

With inground swimming pools, the question of size is often all about the price. Whether you're talking about concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass, a small inground pool costs much less than a larger one. Less materials, less labor, less money.

Of course, there's a downside to getting a smaller pool, which is that it's... well... small. It might not be the pool you had in mind. Fortunately, there are a few designs that work extremely well on a smaller scale.

Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is something between a full-sized inground pool and a hot tub. They don't take up a lot of square footage, but they're deep enough to do all the cannonballs you want.

Most plunge pools can be heated up to spa temperature (without costing you a fortune), or left a typical swimming pool temps. The compact size and versatility make them a great choice when space is limited. They may not be great for actually swimming, but they're perfect for lounging in or around.

One Cold Plunge Pool

Lap Pools

A lap pool is an elongated pool designed with exercise in mind. It's effectively like having a swimming lane (or two) in your backyard. These pools can be either above ground or, more typically, inground.

In terms of square footage, lap pools aren't necessarily smaller than other pools (but that's really up to you). However, their shape often allows them to fit snugly up against a fence or other barrier, saving space. They're usually only deep enough for people to swim without touching bottom.

While these pools are perfect for serious swimmers, they can also be fun places to relax and play - like any other pool.

Example of a Larger Lap Pool

Swim Spas

A swim spa is tub with powerful jets that create a current you can swim against. You've probably seen them advertised on television. They're typically above ground, but can also be installed inground. They can be used both indoors and out.

A major advantage of swim spas is that they don't use much water compared to the other options. That means that, for the most part, they're much easier to maintain. You can drain and refill the water more often, and not fuss over water chemistry.

Like plunge pools, most swim spa models can double as hot tubs. Just turn up the temp and enjoy some steamy relaxation.

Endless Pools Swim Spa


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