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Space saving tips for your home

Updated on October 30, 2013

So you’ve finally moved into your first flat. You’re trying to look past the fact that the bedroom is in the lounge, the bathroom is smaller than your parents’ broom cupboard and you’ve already accidentally turned on the stove with your thigh while trying to squeeze between the gap in the island counter and the dishwasher.

You’re starting to feel like Harry Potter was ungrateful for his cupboard under the stairs and are seriously considering a move back home.

But before you give in to life in your parents’ basement, try making the most of your new place and get creative!

Graham Hill turned his small space into a luxury apartment, including spare bedroom, office and theater! Although you might not have the means to be as extravagant, a little outside the box thinking will help you come up with creative solutions to the walls cramping your style and getting a lot of functionality out of a very small space!

Graham Hill's Life Edited apartment


If you’re shopping for furniture, remember, the right table can be used as more than just a clutter collector. Why not turn your table into a multipurpose surface?

This one doubles as a coffee table, dining table, desk, seat and storage combo!


Save some wall space in your bathroom by attaching towel rails to the inside of a storage cupboard!

You’ll need:

· Measuring tap

· Rails to fit the door

· A level (so your towels hang straight)

· A pencil

· Screws and a screwdriver/wood nails and ahammer, or strong double-sided tape

Step 1.

Measure the inside of the door and leave a pencil mark where you’d like to fit the rails. Make sure you’ve left a gap on the edges and the rails aren’t in line with a shelf so that the door can close.

Step 2.

Use the level to draw a straight line with the pencil

Step 3.

Screw, nail or stick the rails to the door

The tools you use to fit your rails, (screws and screwdriver, wood, nails and hammer or double sided tape) will depend on the kind of rails you buy. Ask an assistant in store and let them know exactly what you’re doing so they can point you in the right direction.


For a neat DIY idea to spice things up in the kitchen, attach magnets to spice jars and stick them on the fridge. This will leave your counter tops clear and uncluttered.

You’ll need:

· Small spice jars

· Spices

· Strong flat magnets

· Fridge or metal strips

· Double-sided tape

Step 1.

Glue the magnet to the bottom of your spice jars

Step 2.

Wait for them to dry, fill your spice jars and stick them to your fridge!

(Move on to step 3 if you’re using a metal strip)

Step 3.

Apply double-sided tape to the metal strip and stick it to the inside of a cupboard


Avoid wasting precious cupboard space keeping sheets, covers and pillows in separate piles by storing matching sets inside their pillow cases for an organized linen cupboard!


Get yourself an accessories cabinet! It might seem like an unnecessary piece of furniture, but this clever design doubles as a full length mirror when closed and opens into a great way to store everything from earrings to necklaces, hair ties, bangles and scarves.

Cities all over the world, from New York to London, ask for much cheaper prices for studio apartments, so take advantage of the money-saving opportunity and opt for something stylishly small!

Check out Italian designer creation Resource Furniture for aesthetically pleasing solutions to small spaces!

So if you find yourself in a tiny studio apartment, remember, there are lots of tips and tricks to use to make you feel like you’re living large!


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    • profile image

      Lola114 4 years ago

      I need that mirror cabinet! My room is exploding with my accessories. Great read :)