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Ceramic Kitchenware - Spoon Rest

Updated on September 1, 2011

A spoon rest is a great way of preventing spillages onto your counter-tops. Carefully chosen, they can also add a little decorative flair to your kitchen décor. Much like other forms of kitchenware, such as a bamboo cutting board, they're intended to look decorative when not in use, yet remain fully functional when they are.

There are plenty of bold colors to choose from, black and red are hot favorites, and signature styles are another, such as rooster designs and similar. Stainless steel spoon rests are also another big favorite.

Keep your saucy residue right where it's supposed to be - in the saucepan, or collected within one of the most practical yet stylish spoon rests your hard earned can buy.

Don't get sticky - get super saucy!

Any old spoon rest will keep your kitchen free from sticky sauce residue but - you don't want any old kitchenware ... you want something that's not only practical, it's most definitely classy looking too.

Perhaps you're a little bit of an undercover chef, with aspirations that only exist with the four walls of your kitchen.

Or maybe you just like to keep clean-ups to a minimum and recognize that the less mess you make whilst creating tasty delights, the less you've got to clean up after.

And if there's one thing that's worse than a bad cook ... it's a cook faced with gloopy stickiness littering the counter-tops.

Save yourself some time, avoid unwanted spillages and keep your kitchen free from tacky puddles by treating yourself to an inexpensive piece of kitchenware.

Spoon rests. The best invention since the wheel. Almost.

All the spoon rests shown here are dishwaser safe - so don't worry about getting your finders wet when it's time to give them a wash.

A ceramic spoon rest adds a little country cottage appeal to your kitchen. They're also great if you love vintage enamelware or other similar kitchenware.

If your kitchen already has a rural theme, a ceramic rest will slot in quite nicely. Ceramic is a fashionable material, for reasons known only to housewives and spoonrest manufacturers alike.

They're growing in popularity and of course supply meets demand.

There's a good selection to choose from - though if you want one that truly blends in with rustic ceramic kitchenware, you're better choosing from among the standard pottery style.

On the upside they look great - on the downside, they're easily breakable - so do try to keep them planted firmly on the counter top.

If you prefer something a little more on the kitsch side, there's a few that look a little loud and hideous but you know - loud is proud and all that.

For the rooster lovers there's more than a few rocking spoon rests that come with a cockerel adorning the upper face - bright and cheerful and thankfully lacking the noise that usually comes with a rooster at the crack of dawn.

And for those that wish to be ultra modern and keep up with the fashionable among us - the best selling ceramic spoon rest is the Sanga Nova in brown.

Stainless Steel Spoon Rest

A stainless steel spoon rest delivers a different style to the ceramic versions. They're ever so slightly arty, as well looking as more than a little stylish.

Stainless steel kitchenware has an edge over the pot, glass or melamine accessories, in that it's a durable material, work-friendly and elegant looking.

It's easy to clean, won't break if you drop it and because of the way it's manufactured, won't rust or lose it's sheen.

In truth, some of the spoon rests look positively artistic, which possibly stems from the fact that stainless steel lends a certain chic appeal to whatever it's fashioned into.

Bring a little elegance to your counter top with any one of the large selection of contemporary stainless steel spoon rests - easy clean and good value for money.

What more can a fashion conscious cook ask for?

Fancy a red spoon rest? Is your kitchen decorated with either red kitchenware or have a theme whereby the color red not only blends in but enhances the overall look?

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Amazon have a great selection in appropriately colored spoon rests.

You can choose from among:

  • Double spoon rests
  • Ceramic
  • Melamine

The best seller is the Calypso Basics, which comes in at just below $14. A lovely, vibrant red, produced out of kitchen friendly melamine and sure to bring a touch of cheer to your counter top.

If you’re looking for something a little more arty, the Le Crueset Stoneware Cherry Red spoon rest should fit the bill, or maybe the Fiesta 8 Inch style will better suit your tastes.

If you’re looking to inject a little fun and quirkiness, the Gourmet Ladybug or Seafood Red Hot Chilli Pepper designs will more than match your liking for something that’s a little different.

For those that are looking to purchase Rooster kitchenware, there’s a good collection of the farmyard variety on offer.

Any one would look great in a farmhouse or rustic style kitchen, more so if you already have an established assortment of Rooster decor.

Black Spoon Rest

These are super stylish and functional ... great for blending in with a monochrome theme or for a kitchen that already has various stainless steel kitchenware items.

The best selling of the black variety is (once again) the Calypso Basics, with the Fiesta 8 Inch and the Foxrun 3955 Stoneware coming in a close second and third.

All three are under the $10 mark and anyone would look right at home placed near a stainless steel kitchen accessory.

If you’re looking to purchase a double spoon rest, there’s a stylish yet simple type that’s a mix of black and stainless steel. Good for those that prefer an elegant or simplistic aspect to their kitchen.

Perhaps you would rather opt for something that matches a contemporary décor? Is so, the Orka Stainless and Silicone Utensil Rest will provide both a fashionable appeal, yet remain practical and user friendly.

There are various styles of black spoon rests, should you prefer something more practical, or a blend of colors, such as black and white.


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