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Square Coffee Tables - Simply Stylish

Updated on July 10, 2009

Square coffee tables are popping up everywhere. This fun home furnishings trend provides excellent functionality in your home as well as an appealing design that is flexible enough to blend with almost any décor.

When choosing a square coffee table it is important to think about the function you need the table to serve in the room, as well as style that you are working with. In most homes, a coffee table does more than simply look good. It holds things – from vases of flowers, to laptops and coloring books.

How will you use your coffee table? Knowing what you want to put on the table will help you choose the right material your square coffee table and narrow down the many choices that are available.

Wood square coffee tables by Pottery Barn
Wood square coffee tables by Pottery Barn

Things to consider before purchasing a square coffee table:

  • Look at the style of the surrounding furniture. Will a square coffee table blend well or look out of place? If you have an extra long sofa, a square coffee table may not be the right choice for the room. 
  • What size do you need? To get a nice flow between the sofa and your table, it is a good idea to allow at least 15” between the edges of the pieces.  Measure out the space you will fill with your square coffee table before you head out to shop. Furniture feels smaller when it is viewed in a huge store. Be sure you are not choosing a table that will be too big for your space!
  • Determine what height you need.  The standard height of a coffee table is around 16” tall. Will you be sitting at your coffee table and eating or occasionally plopping your laptop down on it? A higher coffee table will work better for your needs. Consider a “tea height” table of 25”. Ultra modern coffee tables are often lower, as low as 11” tall, so keep that in mind if that is the style you prefer. Will it be practical for your needs?
  • What else can you square coffee table do? Sounds like a silly question, but many multifunction pieces are currently available. Do you want pull out ottomans? Do you need additional storage space for DVDs? Storage racks for magazines? Would it be helpful to have wheels on the bottom so you can move it around the room when you have company, or when the kids want to practice cartwheels? If so, you will find all of these things fairly easy to find!

Upholstered square coffee tables from Pottery Barn.
Upholstered square coffee tables from Pottery Barn.

The square coffee table: it’s all about choices!

Honestly, there may be too many choices! If you love the look of a square coffee table but don’t have a clear idea of what you want, you may find yourself having trouble deciding!

Here are some of your options:

  • Square glass coffee tables: They are available in styles both traditional and contemporary and make a beautiful showplace for your favorite decorative pieces. There is a downside to square glass coffee tables, fingerprints! If you love to keep your home immaculate, but actually plan on using your table for more then just showing off your favorite design books, then this is not the choice for you! Every fingerprint with show and you will be cleaning it constantly! I do not recommend glass table for homes with young children as they are not as sturdy. They are of course, simple to clean!
  • Upholstered small square coffee table: This type of table is an excellent choice if you need extra seating, plan to put your feet up often, or have young children in the house who could easily hurt themselves on the sharp edges of a wood or glass table. They are stylish, relatively lightweight and easy to move around as needed and add a comfortable, casual element to a family room or den. Leather upholstery is the most durable choice, with micro fiber covering a close second.
  • Stone or square metal coffee tables: For a completely different look, consider a stone, marble or granite coffee table. These classic materials will add weight and texture to a traditional room or eclectic design. Take in to consideration the special cleaning needs of a stone table, particularly if you select marble table tops.
  • Bamboo square coffee tables: Bamboo is a hot eco-friendly material right now! Bamboo is an entirely renewable source and is beautiful and versatile. Usually found in contemporary design in a variety of colors, it will compliment almost any décor. If you are concerned about your environmental impact, take a good look at bamboo modern square coffee tables!
  • Antique coffee tables: There aren’t any true antique coffee tables, because they just weren’t used the way we use them now! If you love the antique look, many tables are made from antique materials. Artisans create completely unique pieces for your home from antique doors, beams or other pieces of antique furniture such as dining table sets. This type of coffee table will be difficult to find, but certainly worth the effort! This is also a green option for your living room because you would be recycling materials that would end up in a landfill.

The square coffee table trend is definitely here to stay. If you have the space, add a couple of square side tables to complete the look in the room!


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