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Starfish Wall Decor

Updated on September 17, 2014

Starfish Wall Decor: Decorate Your Home With Starfish

If you're looking for a unique way to liven up a room, consider using starfish wall decor. Starfish make the perfect decorations, not only because they're beautiful but also because they can bring a bit of the beach to your home! So every time you look at your starfish wall decor you'll be reminded of fun memories spent at the beach. You will find a nice selection of starfish wall decor below, as well as some neat "do it yourself" decor ideas.

Starfish Wall Decor - So many options

Your first decision is to decide whether you'd like to use " ready to display" starfish wall decor or start a do it yourself project using dried starfish that you may be able to find for free at your local beach (if you can't find them, or don't live near the beach, you can buy starfish online. real of fake!). Either way there are countless ways do decorate you wall.

Set Of 4 Asst Whitewashed Starfish Shadow Boxes 5.5" Square
Set Of 4 Asst Whitewashed Starfish Shadow Boxes 5.5" Square

They may not be real, but these cool starfish are realistic. The pretty resin seastars are each set in their own box and are perfect for any room where you want beach or sea dcor. They look especially good in a bathroom. Because they are small, they do look best grouped together either in a block or side by side. One word of warning, the colors may not exactly match those you see on your computer screen but they should be accurate enough not to make much difference especially as the range includes a variety of colors. You are sure to find these blend with most color schemes.

U.S. Shell, Inc. Starfish Mix
U.S. Shell, Inc. Starfish Mix

Assortment of real dried starfish. Various species and sizes.


DIY Starfish Decor - For your wall or as accent pieces

You could create a sea themed mirror. Simply source a plain mirror or a second hand mirror and cover the frame with superglue. Make sure that you have newspaper under your frame to avoid creating a mess. Then sprinkle sand on the frame and finish your project by using a hot glue gun to add star fish to each corner of your frame. You can even add shells if you'd like. Alternatively, you can use the same technique to decorate a photo frame.

If you're not interested in crafting your own mirror or photo frame you may be interested in decorating your bedroom furniture. As an example, after painting a wooden head board you could use a hot glue gun to stick a few starfish on your bed's head board for a one of a kind bed.

If you have a child, perhaps consider painting their name on a piece of wood and decorating the edges of the board with starfish before hanging your sea themed name plate on their bedroom door. Or alternatively source a clothes chest that resembles a pirate's chest and decorate it with starfish of various sizes and colors.

You're really only limited by your own imagination! You can stick starfish on a computer desk, lamp, bed posts or a wall planner. The possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a few starfish and start contemplating your first project!

How to Preserve Your Starfish - No stinky starfish please

Oh how sad I was when, as a kid, my mom would end up throwing away my "stinky dead things". Not because she wanted to, but because was stinky and she had no idea what to do with them.

Summer after summer it was the same story. Go to the sea. Come back to the hotel room with my beach treasures. Woke up the next morning at the smell of death. Mom or dad would place the starfish outside under the sun for a day or two (because they loved me and didn't want to once again ditch my treasure) but it would still be stinking.

So if you want to have odor free starfish for your projects (or just to make your kids happy) here's what to do:

Fishnet Wall Decor - A classic way to display your starfish

The fishnet decor is an old time classic. You can find real used fish net by the yard online and offline. Either buy a net that come loaded with seashells and starfish, or just buy the net and create the arrangement you want. There is no limit to what you can add to it: starfish, sea shells, crabs, fishing floats (as well as glass floats), old piece of wood. Go wild!

What Do You Think?

Fishing net on your wall?

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Starfish Accent For Your Walls

There are a lot of little starfish decor pieces you can add on your wall. If you live in a small space, prints and posters might not be the best choice. But hooks, towel rings and wall hangers are actually useful and take very little wall space.

Iron Starfish Hook, Set of 2
Iron Starfish Hook, Set of 2

I’m particularly fond of a rustic, antiqued look, so it will be no surprise I love these cast iron hooks. Starfish, or seastars as my niece likes to call them, are great for accenting a nautical dcor scheme. These are perfect for hanging towels or bath robes and are really easy to install, all you need are a couple of screws – even I can do it. If you don’t want this natural look, they take paint well so you can color coordinate them with your room.


Posters and Pictures Under 12$ - The cheap and easy way to decor your wall

Low on budget but still want some cute starfish on your wall? Then look for a few posters or pictures. Usually affordable, you don't even need to frame them.


Wall Tiles - Stylish art pieces

You can use starfish art tiles as backsplash or just hang them like you would with a picture frame. Arrange a few of them in groups, or with other beach themed tiles. Alternatively, use on your table as coasters.

© 2012 Nathalie Roy


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    • Bellezza-Decor profile image

      Bellezza-Decor 4 years ago from Canada

      I love starfish; they're so beachy and whimsical.

    • profile image

      ChristyZ 4 years ago

      These are really lovely, it reminds me of the beach and summertime. My daughter loves starfish too. :)

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image

      Missmerfaery444 4 years ago

      Lovely! I love starfish and would definitely use starfish decor in my bathroom when I do it up. I already have some shells on display :)