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Suncast Vertical Tool Sheds

Updated on September 20, 2015

Suncast Vertical Tool Shed Introduction

The Suncast Vertical Tool Shed is a great choice for organizing and keeping all of your tools including garden tools and even pool accessories in a secure location. This gives you the opportunity to remove scattered items from your yard and place them in this 20-cubic-foot vertical shed from Suncast.

The available space in the vertical shed is just right for both children's toys and lawn tools. The storage Shed will store a variety of long-handled useful tools like garage-floor brooms, pool-side mops, garden shovels or lawn rakes.

The assembly process is simple enough since it only takes a tool-free fitting together of the storage container's main components. The time spent in assembly is under an hour.

There are built-in supports provided to let you add extra shelving to better accommodate any customized space you may need to secure additional items that at first where not considered. In addition, there are provisions for locking the shed so that your belongings will remain safe.

All in all, with everything considered, the shed is constructed to last and sturdy enough to support any number and kinds of tools you might own and you can rest assure that they will stay dry in this waterproof design.

Suncast Vertical Tool Shed Customer Reviews

Consumers will find at least 32 reviews at the Amazon site. The larger percentage of gold stars falls in the 5 and 4 star ranges. Vertical tool shed owners were well satisfied with the assembly requirements and most were happy to find that special tools were not required. A few consumers complained of some difficulty during the assembly but concluded that the tool shed still deserved a 4 star rating. Just about everyone using the storage shed expressed a favorable opinion about how the unit kept everything inside dry during even some heavy downpours.

Here's a brief composite of what Amazon buyers had to say about the Suncast Vertical Tool Shed:


  • Simple assembly procedure and no special tools!
  • Most customers said the shed held up well through all kinds of bad weather!
  • An attractive appearance remains intact during all four seasons!
  • Buyers were happy that the storage capacity matched their expectations!
  • Access was cited as sufficient for most of their needs!
  • There were some complaints about the price but most buyers cited other sellers whose costs were actually higher than Amazon once they took into consideration other factors!
  • The most frequently stated comment centered on the idea of how pleased they were that the unit gave them a great organization benefit!

The organizing benefit coupled with the satisfaction of available space topped the list of favorable comments and probably contributed heavily to the 4 and 5 star ratings. A good looking tool shed was not far behind in the favorable Column.

Suncast Vertical Tool Shed Birthplace - Video Showing The Suncast Manufacturing Process

Opinions Differ On This Matter

There seems to be a consensus on the value of outdoor storage boxes and their contributions to an improved home environment. Has this been your experience or has this not been the case? We all would like to know your thoughts on this matter?

Here is where you can share similar tool shed experiences. - Suncast Vertical Tool Shed Ideas?

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    • profile image

      Sojourn 5 years ago

      Looks like a nice, tall outdoor cabinet for holding rakes and such for yard work. I have some of the shorter Suncast cabinets and they've held up really well in the sun and heat we have here in the desert. Love that!