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Best Talking Bathroom Scales For People - Speaking Weight Scales

Updated on August 29, 2013

Digital talking bathroom scales which speak your weight rather than you having to physically read the display yourself are useful for a wide range of people. The very nature of regular non-speaking bathroom scales puts the digital or analog display at floor level between your feet which makes them difficult to read if you are heavily overweight, or if you have poor eyesight. For the elderly or anyone with balance issues, the act of leaning over to read the dial can be dangerous and lead to falls in the bathroom which no one wants.

Talking bath scales for people negate the need to even see the display as a pleasant voice will read your weight out loud which makes them ideal for the aforementioned groups as well as for the blind as there is no need at all to see the readout. Speaking scales are a very handy gadget to have whether you need them for a physical or medical reason or just because it's a very cool option to have and most have the option to turn the voice off for those other members of the family who do not want to have their weight read out loud.

Who Are Talking Bathroom Scales For?

Do You Need A Speaking Bathroom Scale?

Talking Scales For The Blind and Visually Impared

There are numerous people who can benefit from a personal weighing machine which talks but one of the major users are the blind and those with visual imparement. Talking weight scales for those with restricted eyesight should be wide, speak clearly and feature a large display for those with low vision.

Talking Bathroom Scales For The Elderly and Bath Scales For Senior Citizens

If you are buy a talking digital scale for an elderly relative, are a senior citizen yourself or know you family bathroom scale will be used by an older relative then there are things you should specifically look for in a talking bath scale. Again, a wide weight scale is preferable because this means there is less chance of slipping over the side a dimpled or otherwise non-slip and non-skid surface to avoid slipping off is recommended for elderly users. A digital electronic weight scale for older people should have a large digitial display as well especially if there is any visual imparement and ideally, a talking digital weighing machine is preferable.

Talking Weighing Scales For Overweight People

Many cheap bathroom weight scales are not acccurate over certain weight levels and others have a maximum capacity far less than you would think reasonable. That's why many overweight people turn to medical beam scales like those seen in a doctor's clinic to measure their weight. These also have the advantage of showing your weight on a scale in front of your face which is nice when it is hard to actually see your feet without overbalancing.

That said however, there are plenty of small accurate 400lb bath scales and 500lb weighing machines or higher available and many of these speak your weight aloud and come in a much more compact size. Electronic scales for obese people need to have a wide base and a strong, sturdy platform upon which to stand. They should also be accurate right up to the maximum weight capacity.

High Weight Capacity Speaking Weighing Scales

Wide Personal Weight Scales For Heavy People

One of the main groups these types of scales are aimed at is those who are heavily overweight or morbidly obese. Many analog and digital bathroom scales have a relatively low maximum weight capacity but many digital body weighting scales which speak your weight out loud have a top weight limit in excess of 500 pounds. This, in addition to the voice readout so you are not struggling to see past your belly makes them the best weighing machines for obese users.

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale
My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale

This popular and well reviewed personal talking bath scale has a max. weight capacity of 550lbs and is able to measure in both pounds and metric kilograms. It has a large weighing platform 14.7" x 12.5" with an oversized digital display screen 1.5" tall numbers for ease of reading for the visually impared. There are no buttons to push to activate this talking scale, simply tap with your foot and step on and your weight will be read off by a pleasant human sounding voice which can be switched off if you'd rather not have your weight spoken aloud. Non slip rubber feet keep the scale in place and prevent potentially harmful skidding on tile or linoleum surfaces and a 30 year warrantee backs up the quality of the product.

Ideaworks-Extra Wide Talking Scale-Visual & Voice Display Scale- 550 Pounds Max-Tamper Glass-Extra Wide Width-Large LCD Display-Tap On & Off Auto Function
Ideaworks-Extra Wide Talking Scale-Visual & Voice Display Scale- 550 Pounds Max-Tamper Glass-Extra Wide Width-Large LCD Display-Tap On & Off Auto Function

This extra wide personal weighing scale with memory has a 550lb capacity and a very wide stable base. Its large weight capacity is great for the overweight, and it will speak your weight alound in a pleasant human sounding voice which is also useful for the visually impared. This is a scale with memory feature able to keep track of 2 users with 30 memories each.


Bilingual Talking Bathroom Scales - English / Spanish Voice Scale

Electronic talking scales for the blind, the elderly and the overweight are great so long as the intended user can understand the language being spoken. Bilingual human weight scales are useful for people who speak more than one language or who are more comfortable in their mother tongue. Whilst you may be better off ordering a speaking weight scale from your mother country in many cases, it is quite easy to find bilingual English and Spanish talking weight scales in the US like the one shown below.

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