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Tarrytown Austin Real Estate

Updated on April 19, 2010

Tarrytown Austin Real Estate

2004 Bridle Path - The Best of Tarrytown Austin Real Estate!

The most charming and happy address in all of Tarrytown, Austin, Texas, is 2004 Bridle Path.

When appreciating the overall appearance of this beautiful piece of Tarrytown Austin Real Estate, one is struck by the lovely blue, white, and yellow coloring, vibrant red wooden door, and beautiful greenery. The red wooden door is imported from Taos Furniture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, adding a distinctive charm to the home. The small lookout window within the front door is a wonderful and unexpected way to greet visitors. The light colored stone wall surrounding the front of the home proudly displays the address, 2004 Bridle Path. Additionally, convenience meets attractiveness with the home's two covered parking spaces and additional third or guest parking space!

Situated in a wonderfully safe neighborhood, this lovely Tarrytown Austin home for sale is nestled between a lovely park, homes, and large trees. There is quick and easy access to downtown Austin, the University of Texas at Austin campus, and Lake Austin. The large and vibrant park just across the street from the home provides a wonderful play area for pets, families, and children. The park includes a bustling basketball court, picnic area, and playground. The area of Tarrytown that the home is located in is a part of the top-rated Austin Eanes School District, making this a very desirable place for families. There is a little something for everyone in this well-known, eclectic neighborhood!

The attractive and spacious master bedroom of 2004 Bridle Path offers quality hardwood floors, ceiling fan, and sliding latch lock. Two walls of windows overlook the front patio area, neighborhood of Tarrytown, and park located just across the street. The space offers a wide range of options for furniture placement and is roomy enough for a large bed, dresser, and even a loveseat. The master bathroom provides a spacious and sun-filled space, complete with wooden cabinets, brushed metal fixtures, and a large garden tub. The master bathroom includes a large walk-in closet with unique modern lighting installed, creating plenty of space for two people.

The lovely second bedroom of 2004 Bridle Path features wall-to-wall windows, letting in copious amounts of sunlight from the backyard and front patio areas, double cedar closets, hardwood flooring, and overhead ceiling fan. The cedar closets included in this room provide ideal storage space for out-of-season clothing and linens, while infusing the room with the pleasant aroma of cedar. This space is perfect as a bedroom or play room for young children, with its convenient location directly across the hallway from the master bedroom. The second bathroom includes a full shower/tub, traditional porcelain sink, storage closet, and adorable medicine cabinet.

Versatility abounds in the downstairs bedroom/office due to its marked independence from the rest of the home. It may be used as the perfect at-home office, exercise room, study, family room, or guest bedroom. The possibilities for how this space may be used are virtually endless! Its independence is felt due to the hallway one takes to access the bedroom from the kitchen and its own separate entry through glass double-doors that lead into the backyard. The downstairs bathroom continues with quality tile floors, and has a glass-paneled stand-up shower, spacious sink and counter area, and window to let in the sunlight.

2004 Bridle Path features an incredibly warm, open, and inviting kitchen with its adorable blue, white, and yellow tiles, hardwood floors, and central island. The kitchen includes an incredibly unique lighting system, allowing for a wide variety of moods with lighting both within and above the glass cabinets. Quality appliances installed complement the kitchen's overall color theme, creating a sense of continuity. There is an adjoining breakfast nook perfect for casual meals and socializing as a home between the two spaces.

Look no further than the living/dining room of 2004 Bridle Path for an ideal spot for gathering and socializing with friends and family. The attractive red wall of the living room adds personality and character to the space, with quality carpeting installed throughout the room. The perimeter of the living space is complete with Spanish tiles, creating the sense of a separate dining area alongside the full wall of glass double doors. There is ample space in this living area for sofas, indoor plants, bookcases, or a widescreen television. This is the perfect central living space to gather as a household.

2004 Bridle Path is home to a lovely, open, and sunny backyard area ideal for relaxing and playing with friends, family, and pets. A large sturdy black metal fence surrounds this backyard area, providing ample security for young children and outdoor pets to play freely without exposure to any street traffic. A charming stone birdbath is located in the center of the backyard, near a large mature tree, creating a truly idyllic spot to relax in the sun or shade and enjoy the neighborhood birds. A large flowerbed is positioned alongside the house, creating plenty of space for a wide variety of bushes and flowers.

The backyard and front patio of 2004 Bridle Path provide ample outdoor room for gathering with friends and family to enjoy the warm Austin weather. The backyard is a spacious safely gated area, full of large trees, a large flowerbed, and a lovely stone birdbath. The gated backyard provides the assurance of safety for children and outdoor pets from any street traffic. The black metal fencing and gate act as a natural divider between the backyard and front patio area, lined with light-colored flagstone. This front patio area has a stone flowerbed, tall trees, and plenty of space for a wide variety of outdoor furniture and decorations!

The bright and happy home at 2004 Bridle Path has so much to offer! The versatility of the living spaces, coupled with the uniqueness of the cheerful color schemes of the home make it a wonderful spot to call home. The neighborhood of Tarrytown is family-friendly, safe, and eclectic. It is the perfect place for all types of people, from young families or professionals to students. The feeling to be had from pulling up in the driveway at a home that just makes you smile is priceless. Of all today’s Tarrytown Austin houses for sale, 2004 Bridle Path is the standout gem!

2004 Bridle Path

2004 Bridle Path - Welcome Home!

What do you love the most about Tarrytown Austin homes for sale?

What do you love the most about today's Tarrytown Austin homes for sale?

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