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Teak Shower Bench For Your Bathroom?

Updated on January 27, 2013

Teak shower benches are the best choice should you want to put a bench in your shower or bath. Teak wood is one of the finest qualities in the world and it is specially used in making outdoor furniture. Unlike any other ordinary wood, teak is resistant to moisture and it can stand extreme heat and humidity. Moreover, wood biting insects won’t bite teak wood as again it resists such attack.

Since a shower bench is to be put inside the shower, the one that made of teak wood is the best recommendation. Unlike other wood, this would last long which up decades long if you know how to take care of it. You might consider a plastic or wood chair but mind you that they are not as comfortable as the one that made of wood. Besides, wood furniture always gives you a more luxurious feel better than those of plastic and metal.

Well, if you are going to place it under the shower so that you can relax and enjoy a hot shower while sitting on it, the wood seat is always the choice. A metal or a plastic chair gets hot easily when hot water is poured onto it; now imagine how you can relax on it in such condition. By the way a wood seat does not slip easily compares to plastic and metal.

Teak Shower Bench
Teak Shower Bench

Although a teak seat is the best choice for your shower, but mind you that it does not come cheap. A small teak wood chair could easily costs up to two hundred per piece. The supply of teak wood is quite limited compares to the demand. This is due to the limitations that exporter countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have placed on it. In order to preserve teak trees, only certain number of it could be harvested within a year. Besides, teak tree takes a very long time to be fully grown and once it is gone, we might need to wait another century to get new supply. 

Even though teak wood furniture is expensive, there are always other places that offer better deals. Most of such bargains can be found online and if you do a simple search through the search engines, you can quite easily found some. However, beware that there are some merchants out there that sold fake teak wood furniture. To be safe, always do your due diligence such as looking for more verifications or recommendation before proceeding with the purchase. This is even true if the price that they offer is ridiculous low.

Some marketplaces that you can start looking include Amazon and eBay. Amazon is the best place to source but you normally won’t get the best deal from them. One thing good about Amazon is you can bring the item back to it should you are not satisfied with the item you choose. This money return guarantee has made Amazon one of the best places to shop. If you are looking at eBay, go through the statistic of each seller that you have identified and if they have a very low score, do not proceed even if the price offered is low.   


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