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Teak Shower Seat for your Bathroom?

Updated on March 30, 2013
Teak Shower Seat
Teak Shower Seat

Teak shower seat is the perfect choice if you are looking to place a seat in your shower of bath. Teak wood is considered to be the best quality of wood due to its durability and long lasting.

This wood is suitable to be used for making outdoor furniture as it is resistant to moisture and extreme weathers such as heat and rain. Besides, teak also proof to wood biting insects.

Shower teak seat comes in many different sizes and shapes. There are many areas in the shower that one can place, such as at the corner, just beside the bathtub or at any suitable space. They come in square shapes, triangular shapes (good for corner), rectangular shapes and even curved shapes (most people love this shape).

Some can be folded while some have legs that could be adjusted. There are even some that do not come with any adjustment but have a nice storage underneath. New features are introduced into the design of teak seat from time to time. Whichever that you choose, it is all up to your preference.

Corner Shower Seat
Corner Shower Seat

Some people love to sit on a shower seat while enjoying a hot shower that runs down their body. It's so relaxing, if you know what I mean. Teak wood is definitely feel better compares to metal and plastic seats which tend to get hot when runs under hot shower. Moreover, wood seat does not slip easily compare to the latter both.

Due to its high quality of wood and the high demand, a teak shower seat does not come cheap. You need to prepare a budget of over 100 bucks just to get a normal one. Teak is an expensive wood and the supply is rather limited. Exported countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have restricted loggers from harvesting teak trees. They are rare and take very long period of time to be fully grown.

Buying A Shower Teak Seat

If you are really interested in getting one of this teak seat, the best way is to start sourcing online. Online stores normally can offer you a better bargain compares to a local retailer. I have found out that some online stores are actually the manufacturer itself so getting from them directly will be cheaper.

Besides, you can also try popular marketplace such as eBay and Amazon. The price at eBay varies depends on the individual seller, so if he fixes it high, you have to pay higher in case you can find any cheaper. But please take note that they are some sellers that sells fake teak shower seat, so beware! Amazon is more trusted but the price they offer is not always the lowest but one thing you can assure when buying a teak shower seat from them is satisfaction guarantee. You can have a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the seat that you bought and this is what I love about amazon.

Teak Seat for your shower
Teak Seat for your shower

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