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The best wood chipper shredder for your garden

Updated on February 15, 2015

The gardening tools can speed things up considerably

Let's face it, we love technology. It made our life easier by quickening our daily tasks, but in the same time it made us dependent to it. I still remember the time when I was young and all the family gathered around my grandmother house in order to help her with the spring cleaning.
We had a lot of fun back then, but we also had a lot of time. Now, with our city jobs, time is literally very expensive, and we can't afford to waste a full week per year in order to clean the garden. That's just too much, even for a man in-loved with nature like me. And this is where the fun begins. Getting back to the first line, we can use technology to speed things up. In the case of garden cleaning, we can use gardening tools like leaf vacuum mulchers, sears, rakes, wood chipper shredders and other similar tools in order to complete a 1-week-task in matter of days or even hours. Yes, it may seem like something extracted from a sci-fi movie but it's actually an accurate information. Let's see how this happens.

First things first, get everything in one place

Before shredding and mulching things gathered from your garden, you need to get them into one place. That will take some time and you will have to use the pruning shears, the leaf blower, the rake and everything else to gather the debris, the dead leaves and the small branches together. This is probably the task that mixes a lot of things, including a bit of physical endurance from your part. If you're not into that, please don't lose your hope. Once everything is in place, your job is virtually ended. All you have to do from here is let the chipper shredder do its own thing.


Advantages of using a wood chipper shredder

There are many things to consider when you buy a wood chipper shredder, but I'll get to that later. There are also many advantages. First, you will finish the job much faster. A chipper shredder will "eat" everything you throw at it, and it will transform it into a compost that's compressed to a fraction of the original volume. Implicitly, this means that you will need less garbage bags and less storage space. Now, here comes to fun part. The resulted compound is rich in nourishment substances and it can be later used on the soil to make it more fertile. Also, the same compound resulted from the chipper shredder processing the wood branches can be used on the soil located in the kid's playing area. It will make it look cool and it will reduce the damage they get from accidental drops.


Chippers shredders - general features

Many chippers shredders found on the market are actually all-in-one solutions for your gardening problems. They usually have a reduction ration of 10 to 1, meaning that they will reduce 10 bags of leaves and branches to only 1 bag. Pretty neat, right? These devices use meta blades or plastic grass trimmer lines in order to shred and chip the debris. If you are not going to use it professional, you should probably avoid the one with the metal blade, since it is really dangerous. These wood chipper shredders can be dissembled very easily and they can be stored everywhere. They are usually powered by sturdy motors that run on fuel or on gas.

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Things to take into consideration

Don't haste to the nearest local shop and get the first shredding tool recommended by the clerk. You are smarter than that, right? Instead, take your time, set your needs and your budget and check online for reviews. The Internet is packed with all kind of advices and unbiased tops with the best chipper shredder tools, along with their prices, features and functions. Also, you should get informed on the warranty and return policy. I don't want to get your hopes down, but these shredding devices are just common machines, so they will get obsolete eventually. It's better to be safe than sorry. And if we got here, you should also get informed on the safety measures you need to take when you work with such powerful tools. As you can see in the images above, they are pretty large and you can expect parts of the shredded debris to fly all over the place. In this regard, I strongly advice you to use a pair of transparent protection glasses and a pair of gloves. And please, pay extra attention when you have your hands near the gardening tool.


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