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The Top Ten Decorative Wine Glasses

Updated on November 11, 2014

Decorative Wine Glasses For Your Guests

Why not have decorative wine glasses to serve wine when you celebrate a special occasion or when your friends come over? Some of the decorative wine glass designs like the Lolita wine glass and Tumbleweed have funny quotes and they are colorful too.

Sharing a glass of wine is more than having a drink. Now you can share some fun with these decorative wine glasses. These make great Gifts For A Housewarming Party too.

# 1. Cupcake Decorative Wine Glass - Cute decorative wine glass to sip wine with your cupcake!

How about a cupcake wine glass? This would be a fun way to enjoy a cupcake and a glass of wine with friends. Don't worry if your friends are not around. You can treat yourself to a glass of wine served from this cute decorative wine glass to celebrate another successful batch of delicious cupcakes. Yummy, yummy!

# 2. Lolita Decorative Wine Glasses - Fun and funky wine glass for a celebration

Lolita Wine Glasses are great for celebrations of every kind. There are decorative wine glasses for Birthdays, New Mommy, Halloween, Wine Tasting, Aged to Perfection and many more.

Each Lolita wine glass has a hand-painted design and features a cocktail recipe matching the theme of the glass printed on its bottom.

Lolita New Orleans Wine Glass
Lolita New Orleans Wine Glass

Lolita New Orleans Wine Glass

Lolita New Orleans Wine Glass

Celebrate New Orleans with this brightly hand painted wine glass. Each wine glass has a special recipe designed on the bottom of the glass. Makes a great conversation piece over drinks!

Shape of a wine glass affects aroma and flavor

The shape of the bowl is important as it concentrates the flavour and aroma of the wine.

Red wine glasses have a wider and rounder bowl to increase the rate of oxidation. Many white wine glasses have a smaller mouth to reduce the rate of oxidation and so preserve a crisp, clean flavour.

For sparkling wines such as champagne, an even smaller mouth keeps the wine sparkling longer in the glass.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Red Wine Glass And White Wine Glass

Selection of a wine glass is important as it affects the flavor and aroma of the wine. Wine glasses made of cut glass often have a thick and rough lip and also interferes with the flavour of the wine.

Blown glass is a better material and creates a thinner lip which is more acceptable for casual wine drinkers.

Lead crystal glass not only looks better but also allows wine to breathe more efficiently when swirled in the bowl.

# 3. Wild Animal Wine Glass - Decorative wine glass with a zebra, leopard or tiger theme

These are special wine glasses for all those who love the great outdoors. To match your fascination with the big cats and other wild animals of Africa, Lolita offers decorative wine glasses with the zebra, tiger and leopard theme.

Just picture yourself on a safari as you sip wine from these wild animals decorative wine glasses. A delicious wine cooler recipe is printed at the bottom of each glass. You can have matching wine bottle holders in leopard and zebra print. Great way to hold a wild party, lol!

# 4. Party Girl Wine Glass From Tumbleweed - Entertain your friends with these funny decorative wine glasses

These are decorative wine glasses your girlfriends will love. They are fun, colorful with a humorous birthday greeting. This would make a great gift and comes with a festive gift box

Perfect Way To Dry Your Wine Glasses

Air Dry Wine Glass
Air Dry Wine Glass

Architec Air Dry Wine Glass Drying System

Perfect solution for those who frequently need to hand wash wine glasses

Architec Air Dry Wine Glass Drying System

- Holds glasses above counter for good drainage and air circulation

- Glasses dry streak and spot free

- Breaks down for storage

The French Paradox

Moderate consumption of wine may contribute to better heart health.

This is the 'French Paradox' where the French have a lower incidence of heart disease despite high levels of saturated fat in their diet.

# 5. Decorative Wine Glasses - Fifth Avenue - Fun birthday gift too

Mouth blown glass with hand painted designs. The goblets comes in a tube style gift box with a ribbon handle.

Other designs for these decorative wine glasses include diva goblet, Happy Birthday and Bee Mine.

# 6. Decorative Stemless Wine Glasses - Keep your guess in good spirits with these stemless wine glasses!

These decorative stemless wine glasses come in assorted designs and humorous titles. Now you and your friends can have a good laugh as you sip your wine.

For those who enjoy a good laugh the titles include "Dinner is poured", "Friendship is the wine of life", "It's time to wine", "Wine, it goes with everything I wear" and many more.

Benefits Of Drinking Wine

A natural ingredient called Resveratrol has been found in grape skins which can protect against heart disease. Red wines have higher levels of it than white wine. Since the gut and liver are inactive when you are drinking the red wine, most of it does not reach the blood circulation.

To get its full benefit, sip your wine slowly so that there is more absorption through the mucous membranes in the mouth.

# 7.Decorative Art Crystal Wine Glass - A touch of class

For those who prefer a more sedate but not so plain design, try this beautiful crystal wine glass. It is traditionally mouth blown glass and decorated with Sterling Silver and natural Baltic Amber. They come in 3 designs and are hand made in Europe.

These decorative wine glasses will certainly add an air of elegance and sophistication to your dinner party.

# 9. Bottom's Up Wine Glasses - Your guests will enjoy these cheeky decorative wine glasses

These 15 oz decorative wine glasses are hand painted and are appropriate for both red and white wine. They are really fun with the stems of the wine glasses made to look like the long legs of the girls.

Available in several designs - "Because I'm Worth It", "Ladies Night Out", "Princess" are some interesting ones.

Mud Pie Chalkboard Wine Glass
Mud Pie Chalkboard Wine Glass

Wine glass comes with chalk and can be personalised and reused.


# 10.Mud Pie Wine Glass

These fun wine glasses with a variety of quotes . They add fun to the dinner table and can also make great gifts for anyone who loves a glass of wine!

"Wine is the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner of Champions".


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