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The Yankee Candle Q3 2013 UK Review

Updated on January 30, 2015

The Yankee Candle Q3 2013 Autumn Fragrances Review

They're here! The Yankee Candle Q3 scents! First off, let me get this out there...I LOVE Yankee Candle. I really do. I can't get enough of them. I get really excited when I see a YC fragrance that I've not smelt before. So, when they release their quarterly new range, I get reallllllly excited.

So far in 2013, my highlights have been Cilantro Pineapple, A Child's Wish and Fireside Treats...but what will Q3 hold?

Whenever I buy a new fragrance online, that I've never smelt before, I also buy the tarts first. Renamed as "Melts" these are basically like wax pot pourri, that melt in a burner - so no wick. This gives you a cheap way of discovering the scent, then on approval, you can go ahead and buy your Large or Medium Jars.

The autumn range for Yankee Candle 2013 is: The exciting sounding Salted Caramel. The intriguing November Rain. The coffee shop reminding Vanilla Chai and the interestingly titled Lake Sunset. On this page, you will find a review of each of them, to help make up your mind of the ones you want to try.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel Yankee Candle
Salted Caramel Yankee Candle

Salted Caramel Yankee Candle Review

I was super excited to try this one first. When all my melts arrived, I had a quick whiff of them all, and knew I would like this.

I'm more into my foodie Yankee fragrances, and let me tell you, Salted Caramel will not disappoint.

It's sweet and inviting. It reminds me of a biscotti to be honest. I can't say it particularly makes me think of salted caramel - then again, what does salt smell like...well, the sea, I suppose.

I love the colour, as the melt melted into my warmer, the amber brown, golden liquid oozed - I wanted to dip my finger and taste it!

The fragrance really makes me think of baking, and cookies, and kitchen ingredients you would expect grandma to making something delicious with - a pumpkin pie, or some sort of sweet biscuit.

It makes me think of yummy treats, fresh out of the oven, to store in the cupboards, ready to hunker down for winter. It gives a glorious cosy feeling.

What do YOU like?

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Lake Sunset

Lake Sunset Yankee Candle
Lake Sunset Yankee Candle

Lake Sunset Yankee Candle Review

Being honest, I'm not sure what I feel about this one. It smells quite generic.

There are slight floral aromas as well as subtle musky notes. The Lake Sunset fragrance smells quite perfumey, it's non offensive, but not particularly distinguishable.

It's a nice scent to have in the room, and it does have a calming quality - I'm just don't think it's sticks out against the other Q3 fragrances.

The colour is beautiful. Its looks pearly, creamy, peachy and delicate.

I think this is my least favourite of the 4 Q3 scents for 2013. A bit forgettable I'm afraid.

Vanilla Chai

Vanilla Chai Yankee Candle
Vanilla Chai Yankee Candle

Vanilla Chai Yankee Candle Review

I wasn't sure of this one, when I first heard of it. I'm not a fan of cinnamon in candle fragrances, it's just a personal, they get stuck in my nose and are all I can smell! But I was pleasantly surprised when I first this smelt this as a wax melt, before it began to get warmed up - the fragrance that hit me first was peppery. A really spicy - and not a lot of cinnamon, thankfully. Yes, spicy, but more seasoning spices...pepper...quite nice.

The colour is beautiful - when melted wax is red, rich with brown tones of copper. Gorgeous.

I think this fragrance would go very well with Salted Caramel, in a fabulous mixology!

Once melted the smell is uncannily like Chai Tea, it's so nice. I can't really smell much vanilla, but if you like the aromas of chai, then you will probably like this.

The scent is exotic and intoxicating, with a comforting warmth of eastern spice, with a very subtle sugary, vanilla undertone.

November Rain

November Rain Yankee Candle
November Rain Yankee Candle

November Rain Yankee Candle Review

It feels a bit weird reviewing a fragrance called "November Rain" whilst the sun is beating down strongly, outside. November Rain is a fresh smell.

It is reminiscent of sea air, with a big honk of Febreeze! Yes, Febreeze! I don't know, it's just fresh and fragrant...and smells like fabric conditioner.

The colour is lovely. A rich and deep blue, that when melted looks beautiful. Especially in a large or medium jar, November Rain would look absolutely lovely.

To be honest, I don't really like it for its blandness. As a fragrance to have burning in the bathroom, whilst you have guests, it's great. But for an exciting, fragrant hit - this is not the one.

It's nice enough, but kinda boring. Sorry.

After reading my Yankee Candle 2013 Q3 review, which one will you be buying?

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Have you got an Electric Melt Warmer yet?

The Perfect Electric Melt Warmer

In each review, the picture shown is the tart in my electric melt/tart warmer. I love mine, and quite frankly it changed my Yankee life. Previously, I had to always light a non-scented tea light, to get my melt going, but with my electric warmer, I just plug it in and jobs a good'un!

The one I have is exclusive to QVC, I believe, but I've found this little beauty on Amazon.

What I love about my own, is that the dish can be separated from the burner. When I'm done, I just pop the dish into the freezer (yes, the freezer) then after 10 minutes, the wax just comes out really easily. But with this one, there isn't a detachable dish - but ahhh haaaa - worry not: All you need to do, is wait for the wax to cool, then place a little sandwich bag full of ice cubes on top of the solidified wax, then after 10-15 minutes, the wax will slide out - as if it's been in the freezer!

I can't imagine life without my melt warmer, I love it and have it on pretty much all day, every day. Bliss!

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