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Tube wells beside my home

Updated on March 23, 2015

Initiation of construction of tube wells

The idea is to build tube wells beside my house starts when the water runs out .and to change the water in the rearing ponds every week. By keyword tube wells, methods construction of tube wells shown the website, has been give an idea to start digging tube wells.Without the use of excavators, pipe along the 50mm has successfully installed into the soil by hand as deep as 45 feet. 3 feet wide a hole, is dug around pipes that are ready to installed.

Tube Well

Beginning of excavating the soil

Soil excavated to installed the PVC pipe

Excavated soil

Installation pipe

Soil re-inserted into the hole that had been dug

Digging a water well started using a 1.5 inch pipe.

Clay that has been removed from the pipe

Install pipe cover

Digging around the pipe, filled with water. On the left in the wells, there is tools used to dig

Water is pumped out to facilitate the excavation work

Clay removed from holes dug

Rock and river sand inserted

Rock and river sand is fully inserted

Electric pump is used to pump water from tube wells

Video shows the water is pumped from tube wells that were completed


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