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Most Comfortable Office Chairs: Top 5

Updated on May 27, 2014

The hunt for comfortable office chairs

It was 1970s, when office chair engineers started to put emphasis on ergonomically-satisfactory designs, and now that more than 40 years have passed, almost every chair out there is ergonomically appealing. In the past decade, many new chair manufacturers have emerged, but still, founded in 1923, the Michigan-based Herman Miller is the company that has the most impact on a consumer level to this day, and it is no surprise that this list contains two Herman Millers as well.

Frankly, it is not really easy to choose the top products out of thousands, especially when the product in consideration is office chair. That said, there are 5 that are almost unbeatable, so let us get to know the 5 best office chairs in terms of comfort:

1. Aeron Full-Featured PostureFit Desk Chair

Costing nearly $1000 in Amazon at the moment, this office chair is by far the best comfortable office chair ever made, at least till now. Well, since it is an Aeron from Herman Miller, that itself says a lot about its quality, however, this one is a great one even when compared to other Aeron chairs! The design is especially motivated to support posture and the back, and its pellicle suspension system does its job accurately when it comes to distributing body weight evenly. Available in three sizes – small A, medium B, and large C, it is going to fit everyone just fine. The design does not seem too luxurious, with open fabrics, but ensures that there is enough air flowing for maximum comfort. And of course, the 12-year warranty is fantastic! I honestly believe that this is the best chair you can get, and the Amazon customers think the same think! Just use the Amazon link given below, and read the reviews.

2. Herman Miller Fully-Adjustable Embody Chair

This chair, again from Herman Miller, accompanies a good 12-year warranty period. It is probably the most unique chair the market has to offer right now, and I am just totally in love with the design. The extremely modern-looking and futuristic finish gives this chair an aura of superiority, and the mink rhythm fabric used is exceptionally high-quality. The frame as well as the base is made of graphite, and this innovative chair with beautiful curves has 6 different ergonomic functions. With a weight of more than 40 pounds, this chair is not too light, but it is a truly comfortable ergonomic office chair. The only reason this is placed in the second spot is because it tends to cost a little bit higher than the above product in most stores.

3. Steelcase Leap V1 High-Back Office Chair

Steelcase is not a name you hear all too often in office chair circles, but this particular product from the company is pretty much the best thing ever made! Well, do not think that just because it has been placed at the third spot in this list, it is not as great as the above two chairs. It is a totally fine product, and I am not the only one saying it. With NeoCon Most Innovative Design Award, Buildings Magazine Workplace Productivity Award and a few other awards under its belt, this wonderful piece with Live Back technology can adjust the back according to spine movement. Moreover, it has a seat depth adjustment too. Overall, this highly comfortable chair to buy is suitable for people of all ages. It is highly recommended.

4. Eurotech Seating High-Back Ergonomic Chair

With almost all things adjustable – back angle, arm height, seat depth and more, this great office chair can fit anybody as well as a chair should or can fit. The first thing that you are likely to notice about this chair is its wide array of color options, starting from plain black and going all the way to mesh blue. It is not the most beautiful chair I have seen in terms of external looks, but it provides comfort at a level where only the top products can even dare to compete. The weight is 63.4 pounds, and its dimensions are 26.6 x 26.5 x 20.8 inches. One thing I really, and I mean REALLY like is the fact that it comes with 97 recyclable parts, to provide fresh air quality throughout the office – certified by Greenguard. Definitely consider this as an option. It has one not-so-great Amazon review, but that is uncertified, and I think that the review is not genuine for a number of reasons. Other than that, the certified reviews are extremely positive.

5. Via Seating Riva Act-2 Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair

This chair is the lowest priced product in this list, costing near $600, but it is not cheap at all by general standards though. However, it is a case of quality for price. You get a whole range of color options, and its assembly process consists of three simple steps, with no requirements for external tools. Having a capacity to accommodate 300 pounds, this product has a plain simple look, and if you like simplicity, nothing will serve your better than this. Of course, as you can expect from any of the products of this list, this one is a very comfortable piece of work. The company, making this 43-pouund chair, calls the warranty period as Forever Warranty, and that is really impressive given its price. If you like this top office chair for the money, go for it!

Office chairs are tricky, simply because most people have a number of preferences and considerations when choosing one. However, there is no doubt about the fact that the listed office chairs are the finest you can get in terms of comfort and value for money. So, try to choose any of the first 3 products of this list if comfort really matters to you.

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