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Tupperware Pick a Deli

Updated on July 25, 2014

The Pick a Deli also known as the Tupperware Pickle Keeper is my favorite kitchen gadget. It removes the hassles of getting a pickle from a jar. You no longer have to dirty a fork to pick one out. Nor do need to worry about the pickle getting caught on the opening of the jar causing it to fall back in and splashing you with the pickle juice.. There is no need to get your fingers wet when you end up giving up on the fork method after losing the battle of getting one out of the jar.

My mother gave me hers when I moved out. I know that this is a decision that she now regrets as she has asked about getting her Pick a Deli back. While I knew it was rightfully hers, I didn't want to give it back since I haven't seen one of these in a store anywhere. If I gave it back to her I wouldn't have one anymore. Luckily I finally found one on Amazon so I could buy her a new one to replace the one she gave to me.

When I buy a jar of pickles I can fit the whole jar into the container. The pickles remain in the juice while enclosed inside which keeps them fresh. When you are ready to have one, you simply lift the handle to raise the pickles from the juice, then you can easily remove the pickle that you want. No need to dirty a fork as once the pickles are lifted out you can easily take the one you want without touching any of the other pickles.

Photo Gallery

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Pickles in the juice.When you lift them out.Mom's classic container.Easily fits on the fridge door.
Pickles in the juice.
Pickles in the juice.
When you lift them out.
When you lift them out.
Mom's classic container.
Mom's classic container.
Easily fits on the fridge door.
Easily fits on the fridge door.

These are excellent to give as housewarming gifts. They can also be good for a bridal shower. Most of the people that I have given them to did not know what they were at first. However everyone who has gotten one, has ended up loving it.

Pick a Deli - Stores More Than Just Pickles

Now that I have found where to get this product I kept my mom's old one and bought myself another one. That way I can also use the container for other items as well. I have found it is great for when I cut up carrots and celery, I put them into the container with some water. Then when I want one I don't have to get my fingers wet when taking some out of the container. Which if you knew how cold I keep my fridge you would know this is a much better solution.

Once my sister found out that I had given my mom a new one, she wanted one too. Then she heard about my using it for carrot sticks, Which gave her the idea to buy herself a second one for storing her marinated mushrooms. My grandma doesn't like pickles, so she uses hers to put olives in it. There are probably other uses for it as well that we just haven't thought of yet.


What Would You Store in the Tupperware Pick a Deli?

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